I love getting my haircuts and I'm guessing you guys know why. Cherry of course. He can make my day, any day. Yes I am obsessed with Cherry but I can't help it. Hahha. I even dragged La Faghag to go see what the fuss was and she sees why I get all gugu-gaga over him.

Enough of Cherry though, I believe I've blogged enough of him. After the haircut session, we headed to PHOP (Paddington's House of Pancake) for dinner. It turned out to be a dinner to remember because once we stepped out of that place, we were high! Honestly HIGH! We were giggling at the stupidest things and talk about the dumbest things! We're still figuring out what made us ridiculously high.

We ordered one too many plate of pancakes.

Savoury Buckwheat Blinis (beef bacon, omelette, chicken ham, mashed potato & cheddar)

Full Monty (mashed potato, sunny-side-up egg, beef bacon, mini sausages, baked beans, guacamole dip and cherry tomatoes.

Each of those meals were so much! I could barely finish my own which was the Full Monty. They were really nice though. The combos were perfect. Rich and lovely flavours. Nice big size portion as well, worth every penny.

But the best one is yet to come. The best order in PHOP in my opinion is the Treasure Box! This was a meal on its own! Nice fluffy mini-bite-size pancakes! They're so adorable. Oh I'm such a queer when it comes to adorable things...

Not only that but it was filled with loads of fruits and nuts with ample serving of maple syrup! Not to mention the nice dollop of vanilla ice cream. La Faghag and I were struggling to finish it. Alas, I gave up and let her do the chowing down on the remaining mini pancakes. I know I'm mean but hey, the queer man needs to keep his figure ok!

Treasure Box.

And now for the rating.

Food: 10

Absolutely delicious. No doubt about it!

Price: 10

Those three costed us RM62.00 after TAX. Now that's a lovely deal.

Service: 8

Service was fast, the waiter was friendly and smiled a lot but I guess he needs to talk a little fluidly. Have a little more confidence and self esteem.

Ambience: 10

They recently took over the lot next to them and combined the two making the place really huge and almost unrecognisable for me.

Cute Waiters: 2

He was "alright" looking...

Total Score: 8/10

Totally recommend this place to everyone to try out. Go go now if you have not tried it.

I suspect the maple syrup was the caused of the high. So do not drown your pancakes with too much maple syrup. You have been warned.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

Treasure Box is a wee bit too sweet for a main meal - and waaay too much for desserts.

Oh yeah, we've been told that there're new menus for the Paddington's in both 1U and Hartamas Shopping Centre (which is also slightly more pricier).

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Maybe you drowned your Treasure Box with the maple syrup?

Yea new menu and a little pricier. Yet to try them out.

Will said...

Personally, I was hoping to read more about Cherry. Feel free to e-mail me. :-)

Queer Ranter said...

Will: Still thinking of dear Cherry? He's as fabulous as before. Adorable as ever. I'm still obsessed about him. :P