Soon To Be Wed

Had a pleasent surprise invitation to a dinner function today. The auntie in Pink Shop invited my faghags, fagstag and I to her daughter's small wedding gathering. How very thoughtful of her to include us in the guest list.

She has seen us grow in these four years. The thought of leaving this place saddens me. The people in Pink Shop, especially this auntie, are really friendly and it almost feels like they're family. The food certainly reminds me of home.

The thing that got to me during the dinner were the wedding photos. The soon to be wed couples were so lovely and sweet.
The photos were really beautiful. They make a really adorable husband and wife.

I can see that they're really happy being together. The groom is very close to the bride's family. Even brings the bride's mom to vacations and stuff like that. He's knows how to handle kids (not many men can).

I'd like to have something like that. Wedding photos, get married, living together (even more so now that Desperate Housewives first gay couple just moved in), get a pet and etc. The perfect life, the perfect husband, the perfect job and the perfect house.

We all got our dream life to live for. I hope mine comes true.

-Live Long & Prosper


Life Cafez said...

Wao~~... it's a sweet and warm moment! I do wish one day we can married openly as the straight couples :)

Will said...

You would look fabulous in a wedding gown

Jason said...

*Can't stop giggling over Will's comment*

I had that dream of taking studio photographs before.

Queer Ranter said...

Life: Yea. That be great I imagine.

Will: I don't know to smack you or to say thank you. :P

Jason: Me too me too! I dreamt it when I went for bridal shopping thing with my cousin.

William said...

Don't forget to invite me to the bachelor party now you hear?

Queer Ranter said...

William: Hahaha. I will. :P You better put me in your list too.