Call Me Crazy But

For those who has visited Notroh Woods know that the sun is strangely, if not excessively blistering and scorching. Very good for, say drying salted fishes or getting your coloured clothes turn to white by the sun.

But the weird ass sun is good for something else too. Suntaning! I went swmming at 3 pm today. Yes I'm crazy I know but it was actually awesome. No one at the pool which is good since they'll act like village boys and start jumping into the pool like its their backyard river. Though, I forgot to get sunscreens but I didn't stay long enough for sunburns.

So I finally got to use my lovely white trunks. Not as sheer as I thought it'd be but its still fabulous. I love my goggles and they're tinted too. At least the sun didn't seem blinding to me when I was in the pool.

I really did enjoy the swim. The cool water and the quietness. Pity no one was there for cruising. Then again, I doubt there's anyone in this campus that cruises here to begin with.

All that swimming made me a shade tanner and a faint but obvious enough SPEEDO tan! Heheheh. I think speedo tans are hawt and sexy. Gonna get myself more tanned and of course get myself into a better shape. I want Daniel Bego's bod! He's so hawt!

-Live Long & Prosper


Fable Frog said...

jelesnyer~!! the tan i had the other was so not satisfying!! gosh i want the sun from notroh woods!!

William said...

3pm and without sunscreen?! Nanti jadi roasting suckling pig baru tahu.

Queer Ranter said...

Fable: Hahhah. Come come then I have teman. :P

William: Hhahah I know! But luckily nothing. Will bring sunscreen next time. :P

savante said...

How dare you talk about white speedos without showing me some skin! Strip now.

Jason said...

Suckling QR.