RedBox Plus

I love karaoke. There should be a printed t-shirt with those words or maybe "I heart karaoke". Whichever works. But yes, I love karaoke especially with a nice sized crowd and cheap package! Yep, I had a karaoke session today as you could probably guessed.

This time we had it in RedBox Plus in Pavilion. For some reason when googling RedBox Plus this appeared. Never mind that. I am in love with RedBox Plus. I think I'm gonna stick to this outlet for my karaoke sessions from now on.

RedBox Plus.

Everything about this place is fabulous! I love the interior design on the place and the different sections of the place. From the funky red chairs at the reception to the different zones they have. This place doesn't look sleazy or cheap. It kinda screams chic.

Waiting area with free internet access.

First zone that I encountered was the cool blue Fresh Water zone. I didn't go into the rooms to see how they were decorated but the first thing that I saw was a salt water aquarium at the end of the hall way and it was lit with dim and cool blue light.

Fresh Water Zone.

Then there's the Flaming Hot Zone where everything is red. Not sure what's the interior design like for the rooms here either.

Flaming Hot Zone.

Pretty pretty lights.

From the entrance, the buffet area can be seen through this hallway with red walls and disco balls hanging on top. The buffet area is located at the Deep Forest Zone which was where our room was. Earthly colours and wood decorations decked the place.

Deep Forest Zone.

Deep Forest Room.

The room that we got was just nice to accommodate 9 people. Semi circular leather seats with two round wooden tables in the middle. It has two "mini bar" seats as well behind the leather seats and next to the entrance.

A huge screen, big enough for everyone to watch and sing along and the equipments were working great. No annoying, high shrieking sound made by the mic. I am quite happy with the karaoke videos that they have (despite some of the weird ass karaoke videos with woman being so syok sendiri on the beach) though I wish that they have The Elephant Song.

The buffet was alright for RM 27.44 including free flow drinks. I really enjoyed the pumpkin soup. Couldn't stop myself from having seconds and thirds. The chicken broth was lovely too. They had baby octupus, pastas, local dishes and lots of mini pastries.

For only RM27.44 for buffet, free flowing drinks and 4 hours (11 am - 3 pm) of fun filled entertainment, its freaking CHEAP! This is so going to be my regular outing activities.

-Live Long & Prosper


Bibik Nyonya said... we've finally met. ha ha ha! Fancy bumping into you like that...dah lah i tak make horror. ha ha ha!

Jason said...

Oo.. I thought you guys will choose the Hot room :P

Sam said...

I'm sure you like a nice sized "crowd" and a cheap package. :P

David the Man said...

First I thought you loved the Red Box Plus roll off toilet. wakakaka.

Queer Ranter said...

Bibik: Hhahaha. Aiyo. You look fabulous la! I'm the one with unruly hair. :P

Jason: We will next round!

Sam: Hahhahaha. Such scandalous comment. :P

David: What???

SOLOACT said...

amboi...karaoke pulak. nak enter akademi fantasia ke..wakakak

Comically Sad said...

yer! i wanna karaoke too!!

Happy New Year to u too :D

Queer Ranter said...

Soloact: Hahhaha ye la tu. Suara cam kodok dowan la...

Comically: Heheheh. I know you do. :P

Ban said...

Hey, at least they have *some* MTV videos and not exclusively cheap slut parading around. And the Lucky video was priceless. :P

Janvier said...

Eh? Bibik was around kah? The other room issit?

Queer Ranter said...

Ban: Hehhehe don't forget the Kylie education that you got. :P

Janvier: No la. Met him when I was going home.