The Random of Randomness

Deng it. I can't write what I was suppose to post... So I shall see what random thoughts and write them down instead. This is a back-post, as usual. I'm such a tardy blogger. Random random random.

Thought #1

I want McDonald's Prosperity Burger... Dumb ass Janvier got the balls to MMS to me while he's enjoying his Prosperity Set Meal...

I want Carl's Junior too... Dumb ass Janvier, AGAIN, sent me photo of the half eaten burger...


Thought #2

Yey tomorrow is my last day at work. Finally I can get my beauty sleep that I desperately need and enjoy what's left of my holiday.

Thought #3

My monthly allowance is finally in. Bloody hell, took them so long to bank it in... So annoying. Now I'll have to pay my debts to McDave. Was siphoning cash off him for our outings.

Thought #4

My sex craving is back... Need to ravage (or ravish but I like ravaging someone) someone...

Thought #5

I love my PSP. I've personalized it with photos, MP3 and a music video of Love At First Sight (I know, so gay right?).

Thought #6

I can't wait to go to Bangkok! Need to save up the money I've earned for it. Happy happy joy joy.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Thought 1,
I want Prosperity Burger too! *stare at Janvier

Thought 3,
I'm getting poorer. Siphon some money to me also please? :P

Thought 6,
Yay, can't wait but need to save money as well... duh.

William said...

Did you receive his wantan mee MMS?

Fable Frog said...

Oh! i eat prosperity burger EVERYDAY!!! come give me your number so i could MMS to you everytime i eat that burger! kekeke