Exiled... Again...

And hopefully for the last time too. Yes I am back in the Mystical Notroh Woods where the sun shines brighter than usual, almost blinding too, and scorching heatwaves. On the bright side, with the sun and the pool, I can get my speedo tan in no time.

Three hours of shifting my stuff up to the third floor, cleaning the room and unpacking has left me with sore shoulders. I do hope it goes away soon or else how am I to enjoy my time in the pool. This is assuming that the pool is clean. Might just turn out to look like a hazardous dumping site.

Mixed feelings about coming back. Well not really mixed. I didn't want to come back period. But I had to do my final dash to the end of the line and graduate in August.

I'm already missing KL and my friends. Well no worries, I shall be back for Chinese New Year holiday. I can't wait to collect "ang pau". Daddy could use some money for computer parts.

So stay tune for my arrival in KL peeps.

Till then.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...



poor you.


Queer Ranter said...

Bong: Meanie!


Jason said...

Before you graduate...

Go makan puas puas 1st!