How About A Shave?

Sweeney Todd is definitely not for those with hematophobia nor is it for those who tsk everytime the casts sing (I don't understand why they even bother to watch a MUSICAL). I throughly enjoyed watching Sweeney Todd. Enjoyed every bloody bit of it.

The acting and singing skills were flawless. Every emotions were cleverly portrayed especially by Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Through the thick, pale, black and white, gothic makeup, every expressions and emotions could be clearly seen. Top notch act.

Not forgetting the chemistry between the two. They make a very adorable, if not a very odd couple. Their vocals compliment so well with each other when they sing. And the scores were sprucely composed that made the chemistry of the two even more convincing.

I absolutely adore the costumes and the sets in this musical. Really beautiful works of arts. The dress that Mrs. Lovett wore look more like couture than a plebeian dress of the day. There was one thing that bugged me throughout the movie but I never paid attention to it. It was Mrs. Lovett boobs. They varied in sizes in the movie and that time I thought it was just the costume. Apparently it wasn't the costume, it was because she was pregnant. Hehheh. Now that's funny.

I love love love the dark and morose storyline. La faghag and I were happy and chirpy while others seemed disturbed by the movie. My fagstag even said he's avoiding big pau for a month. Hheehhe. La faghag and I would really love to watch it again but uncensored. Stupid censorship board kept censoring the gory scene while they were SINGING!

I love everything about this movie. Unquestionably a must watch and movie of the year for me.

-Live Long & Prosper


-C said...

How bad is the censorship? Is it really irritating? I might pass on seeing it in cinema if it's bad

Ban said...

Hrm. Maybe we should watch the uncensored version, forget about the censored version. Or just skip out. (Ewwwwwww)

William said...

I'm very squirmish about these things le...

Queer Ranter said...

C: Its actually not bad. Not much censorship but still. No such thing as a good censorship right?

Ban: Go watch it!

William: Wakakakka. Its a lovely musical. Go watch.

Zyklon22 said...

Stupid censorship board censored the final throat slitting!! Might as well censor the others as well.

Queer Ranter said...

Zyklon22: I know! How very annoying. I think they need a shave. What do you think?