Once again, the computer has gone through another facelift. This time its a new case for my computer since the old case has gone wonky and I had to hotwire it to get it started. I wasn't about to risk a major computer crisis when I'm back in campus. So I got a new case.

Meet CoolerMaster Centurion 5. Not the case that I've been aiming to get, Thermaltake Shark, but it'll do for now. Its mighty slick and I love the design. Although screw-less mounts have been around for awhile, this is my first time assembling it. I like. Hassle free assembly.

Cool box.

Front view of the case.

It took me about five hours to clean and transfer my computer parts from the old casing to the new one. Had to dust out tremendous amount of dust that accumulated throughout the years. So much dust that its just not funny. Invasion of the dust bunnies!

Empty case.

Case filled.

I've always wanted a transparent side panel for my case and now I have it. I didn't realise it was transparent until I bought it. I am happy. Now I shall pimp it with lights or the fancy water cooling system. As if I have the funds for it.

Side view.

So yey new case. I hope nothing else fails. I've tried my best to keep it in tiptop condition but I guess it will go off one day.

Oh and its so much quieter now. My previous casing was kinda quiet but this is quieter! From the sound of jet plane taking off to the sound of wind breeze. And the case looks awesome.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

Gasp. He had the willpower to spend the money on a PC case instead of a shirt!? *clapclapclap*

Jason said...

Wah.. you can assemble the thing yourself *clapclapclap*

ikanbilis said...

haha i can never use my own money for computers, it all goes to my parents bill. for my wardrobe however, its another story =P

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: I am shocked myself. Shit forgot to give the card to David! I'll pass it to the others then... Sorry ye.

Jason: Aiye... I tech savvy tau.

Ikanbilis: I would too but feeling a tad guilty after syphoning them for the PSP. :P