Double Take

Had my first back to back movie screening for the year in GSC Pavilion with McDave today. We couldn't decide what to watch since we were torn between In The Name of The King and American Gangster. So why not watch both yea?

Our first movie was at noon for In The Name of The King. It was screened in a huge hall but there were only five people watching. Hahhaha. Imagine that. A huge hall all to ourselves. It was fucking cold that I swear I was about to experience hypothermia.

The movie however sucked and that's being polite about it. Why the movie sucked. The costumes for the Krugs looked like the costume wore by those monsters in Ultraman. Very fake and synthetic. It wasn't natural enough to look like flesh or move like flesh. Very al-cheep-o costumes.

I think they were putting their money on the battle scenes to make the movie worth watching since the storyline felt like its trying to be Lord of The Rings but didn't quite make it. It felt like there were too many things that it made the movie felt as though it was very rushed. Trying to cramp everything.

The battle scenes too were bla... Again trying to be as epic as LOTR but fell short. There were these weird ninjas warriors. So totally didn't fit in the Medieval look. Then there were these woman jungle warriors like the Woman Amazon Warriors. Somehow, something of them reminded me of Cave of The Golden Rose. Too many unnecessary things that didn't have to be there.

Basically I didn't like the movie at all. Freezing my butt for this is so not worth it.

American Gangster on the other hand was an awesome movie. Totally gave me the feel of how it was back in the 1970s. Drugs, money, gangsters, police and corruption of the 70s. Danzel Washington and Russell Crowe acted brilliantly in the movie though I think Danzel was really in tune with his character the most.

Based on a true story of how Frank Lucas became the drug lord and monopolising the heroin market in Manhattan. This man changed the economics of drug trafficking by dealing straight to the source, South East Asia. Buy cheap and high purity heroin + sell expensive low purity heroin = $$$.

Its a fantastic movie and a must watch. Read the comments and reviews in IMDB. The comments and reviews does more justice to the movie than me writing about it.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Erm... tak minat in both. I wonder why...

Anonymous said...

Didn't you read the review of the movie In The Name Of King? It sucks BIG time!!!

I wanted to watch initially because my sexy Jason Statham is in it but after reading the review, I decided not to watch it. And now, after reading your review, I'm glad I made the right decision. Hehehe...

chase said...

i haven't heard about the name of the king.. i'll google it later.
as for american gangster.. yeah! i really love that movie..

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Aiye. *smack

Calvin: No I didn't and it was a last minute decision thing. So yea it sucked. :P

Chase: Don't need to know what it is really. Just watch LOTR and you'll do fine. :)

American Gangster is awesome!