Yum Yum

Through a friend's recommendation, we went for dinner in Ipoh called Yum Yum Restaurant. We were expecting "baba" food but when we were there, we found out it was more Asian than "baba". A little confusion there. None the less, it was delicious!

Upon entering the place, the very first thing that came into mind was that this place was decorated to the fullest for the Lunar New Year. Red here, red there. Statues and figurines to bring good fortune. Not forgetting the miniature citrus plants and cherry blossoms.

On to my favourite part, the food!

We ordered five dishes and they are tofu, "choy tam" sauté with fresh garlic, asam fish head curry, Pandan Chicken and Mango Kerabu. They were all delicious. My favourites were the Pandan Chicken and Mango Kerabu. Really lovely.

The chicken was really one of a kind. The spices they used to marinate the chicken and the fragrant from the pandan leaves make the chicken one of a kind. Pity I was only able to have one...

Pandan Chicken.

One word to describe the Mango Kerabu (mango salad), crunchy! The unripened and pickled shredded mango and the prawn crackers makes it extra super cruncy and I like it.

Mango Kerabu.

The Asam Fish Head Curry was nice too but I like it to be more "asam". Though maybe its a different style of cooking it. The curry was thicker and milkier than the usual Asam Fish Head Curry but still it was nice. The fish head was huge and had lots of meat everywhere. Tender and succulent meat, enough to feed the six of us.

Asam Fish Head Curry.

I love my tofus. Steamed, fried or cooked in soup, I love em. Fried tofu with sesame sauce is no exception either. Two of my favourite stuff in a dish. Tofu and sesame seed. Scrummy!

Fried Tofu with Sesame Sauce.

Rating time.

Food: 9

Love the food. They were all delicious.

Price: 7

The bill came up to RM 101. Its alright but it was the miscellaneous that kinda annoyed me. Reminds me of RedBox with their titbit charges and such.

Service: 8

The people there were friendly and they work fast. We didn't have to wait long before all our food came.

Ambience: 8

The place has a very homey feel with all the decorations. One thing I didn't like about the place was the air ventilation. Once I exited the restaurant, I can smell oil on my clothes.

Cute Waiters: 8

The waiter that served us was adorable. He's very pleasent looking and had flawless skin complexion. Nice face structure too. Slender Faghag caught him checking out my roomie. No fair!

Total Score: 8.0/10

Yum Yum's Contacts.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

How come no picture of the waiter! But I knew the owner of the restaurant... his youngest brother is dem hawt. *drools

William said...

Looks suspiciously Thai. Forget about the waiter, show us the brother! $$$

Ah-Bong said...

ish... hungars u know!

Will said...

Maybe he wasn't checking out roomie, but instead was looking at you and trying not to get caught.

mstpbound said...

RM 101...is that around $30?? I feel like crying this is so unfair. last week i had TWO tiny little crab cakes, some veggies, some mashed potatoes, and it was $35. :( :( :( :(

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Oooo. Me wants the hawt bro then!

William: Wakkakakaka. I'm with you on the brother. :P

Bong: Wakakakak. Kesian nye. Victim always.

Will: Hmmm perhaps. Though I did make eye contact with him several times.

Slutramp I know. :P

Mstpbound: Yea about that. Freaking cheap. :P

Come here for cheap food. Heheheh.

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