Let's Talk Cock

Everybody loves scandals especially hot saucy saucy sex scandals like the Singaporean girl sex scandal or the Ministry of Health sex scandal. Then there's a latest sex scandal about Edison Chen. Interesting photos of him and Gillian Chung though I don't know if its real or not.

Anyhow I'm not going to talk about that, I'd much rather talk about cocks instead.

Why the sudden urge?

Well, it happened with Sam, Alex, Jason, Daniel (though he was eeeewing more than anything) and me in the car en route back to my place and Edison Chen's cock came into the conversation. Alex started describing Edison's lovely, yummy, attractive and Asian sized cock. He got me (and I'm sure the rest of us too save for Daniel) all excited too while I listened to him intently. The conversation that took place in the car can be found here.

So what makes a cock a nice looking cock?

It's a package of attributes that makes a nice looking cock but most importantly, it has to look clean, neat and tidy. I don't fancy jungle tracking in Amazon Jungle while I'm down there. Worst is having pubic-floss stuck in between my teeth and having to pluck it out every now and then. What a turn off (girls have the same complains too guys). So please trim or shave those unruly pubic hair.

Then there is the matter of being cut and uncut. Two of them have different advantages. Uncut is hot and there's a little extra to play with when it comes to blow jobs. Pop the hood and you'll see the smooth and shiny cock head. Also, the foreskin shouldn't be too long or it'll be an unsightly appendage hanging. Being cut on the other hand is also sexy, especially the scar and the permanent bareness of the cock head is very hot. Cut cocks look gorgeous and can be seen clearly when worn with white underwear or white trunks. Great for teasing someone with it.

The question about sexual performance is enhanced through circumcision is highly debatable

There are many shapes of cocks out there. I've noticed three basic shapes and they are equal girth from the tip to the base of the shaft, big head but small at the base of the shaft and finally small head but large on the base of the shaft. Ecstatically, I prefer the first two but I guess if the guy knows how to use it well then I'm not complaining.

Like the many shapes that cocks come in, they also point in many different directions. Some point straight, bend to the left, bend to the right, bend upward and bend downward There's not much differences with as to where it points. Only matters when it comes to sex positions. I like seeing those straight and bend upward ones.

The bigger the better they say but I beg to differ. There's such thing as being too big. Too big till it resembles an animal rather than a human is scary. I think 6 to 8 inches is ideal, visually (not sure about physically as I have yet to try anything above 6).

Since I'm talking about the appearance of the cock, skin colour plays an important role. Fair skin with pinkish head is hawt. Slight skin pigmentation are ok. However, dark skin with dark head is not something I fancy. Its just a preference, nothing racist or anything like that.

In my humble opinion, that pretty much covers all there is to it about nice looking cocks. The so call Edison Chen's photo of his cock is yummy indeed.

-Live Long & Prosper


Daniel Henry said...

oh.my.load. literally the title...

Jason said...

Thus speak one of the cock specialist. :P

Fable Frog said...

OMG!! such a detail description of your type of cock[s]!! like you can so print it out and show to your date~ if his doesn't match the description, can't take him home~ :D

Queer Ranter said...

Daniel: Hehhhe. Shall I have a sequel, Let's Talk Load then? :P

Jason: Heheheh. Time for your regular cock checkup. ;P

Fable: Wakkakaka. Its only for ecstatics. That's all. :P

Alex said...

Now everybody is agreement with me :) Cock Appreciation Society is on!

ikanbilis said...

ohhh do you know where can i have a sneak peek of that holy photo?

Queer Ranter said...

Alex: Yes we must!

Ikanbilis: Hehehe. Its around. Google it or go to Sam's blog.