What's For Dinner?

Weird cravings have struck again. Perhaps I should take a pregnancy test to see if I'm secretly pregnant or something. As consolation, at least the things I crave for can be found in the small towns nearby. So I bought them and had it for dinner.

It has been ages since I last ate yam cake. Usually I eat this for breakfast or tea but heck, it filled me up just fine. I love the chilly sauce that they use. Its has a strong taste of vinegar to it. Its also got these bits of pickled carrot and some other unidentifiable pickled stuffed sprinkled on top of it. Yummy.

I used to think yam are the most disgusting thing ever and the only form of yam I would consume is yam basket or "fatt putt". I wouldn't touch yam flavoured bubble tea or yam ice cream. The purple colour kinda freaks me out.

Yam Cake.

Kuih Lapis.

Then came dessert (not like yam cake was a proper main meal to begin with). I had "kuih lapis" or also known as layered cake and "lor mai chee".

I am facinated with the way "kuih lapis" is made. Each layered are steam in a sequence. First they'll steam the bottom layer until it solidifies, then pour in the next layer and steam it until it solidifies and the next and the next. Its very tidious but delicious! I like to peel each layer and eat it instead of biting a whole chunk of it.

Then there's my favourite, "lor mai chee". Such a simple thing. Glutinous rice dough filled with crushed peanuts and sugar. So simple yet so divine! I love the other version of "lor mai chee" too called "mua chee". It is the opposite of "lor mai chee". "Mua chee" is glutinous rice dough covered with crushed peanuts.

Lor Mai Chee.

Its hard to find these "kuih" in the city anymore. They do sell in night markets but they're becoming a rare thing these days. And shops that specialises in these "kuih", they probably cost about 4 times the actual price. I got all these for RM 3.00.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

aiyah, yam ice cream doesn't taste like yam lah. more like coconut.

Ah-Bong said...

ooo me love yam cakes too! but having it all too often it's not nice anymore... :P

aaronng88 said...

looks so delicious... so lone never eat edi... -.- must call my mum make when 1 reach melaka. hoho~ =p

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: That's ice cream potong la. But still... Its weird. I prefer my cempedak. :P

Bong: Hahahah. My first time in many years. So yummy!

Aaron: Wah your mom makes them?! I'm so coming to your house for CNY! Where are my invitations hmmm? :P

Cedric Ang said...

Darn it .. now you make me want to eat too.. Lucky I know where to get it .. hmmpphh

Fable Frog said...

OMG!!! i love yam!!! it's been years since i last have a yam cake~!! Hmmm i must hunt for some fast!!

Queer Ranter said...

Cedric: Hhahah. Good for yea. Go hunt.

Fable: Hahhaha. Happy hunting. :P

aaronng88 said...

hehe dunwan share with u =p i so long only got chance to eat. i wan eat all~ i ask my mum to make yam and pumpkin de ^^ sunday can eat~ muahahaha! =p