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Proof that the so called "working adults" aren't really working at all. It all started with Alex and his suffix obsession. Then of course there's the super long chain emails that everyone (in our gang) reply to. Don't be surprised that one chain email can go up to 100 replies in less than a day.

Back to the suffix. One fine day, Alex bugged me to change my status of my GMail to the suffix of the week. Ever since then, we change suffix every Friday. Its fun and funny at the same time. Lots of creative works there. See jobless people so free to announce the new suffix of the week.

This week's suffix is -hood. I set mine as circum-hood. Heheheh. Its hilarious. Sam nearly had his imaginary milk coming out of his nose when he saw the status. Heheheh.

Circum-hood anyone? No?

Suffix's for the coming weeks are:


The ultimate proof that "working adults" aren't really working is the email replies. Hahahha. Thank goodness I'm using GTalk. The replies are nicely arranged into one conversation and 6 GB capacity should be enough to hold tonnes and tonnes of emails.

Usually we use it to plan our outings and parties but often it'll be sided tracked to some other weird ass topics. Like this one email thread was discussing about a gathering, got side tracked to Lam mee to Nitrogen to Neutrogena, to Shokubutsu to what makes someone horny.

Here's a fun fact about Neutrogena by Xavier.
Neutrogena is a brand of cleanser la with high water solubility and low residue (so that u can wash them off ur face and hair and scalp easilly/effectively without causing build-ups that will make ur skin looks dull or ur hand getting thick and entangled prone)
How does hands get entangled dear Xavier (he did clarify that its hair and not hands)?

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

You're darn free obviously. = ="

Cheryl said...

he bukan saja free, some more can become "police" and paksa me to change the status suffix... pengz.. but i am too clever also... just add watever is that behind lor :P,. i'm too smart. bwahahaha

Alex said...

LOL..... we should try prefix one of these days too...

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Me?! Nooooo... Hhahahaha.

Cheryl: Well might as well what. You just happened to be online. And yes, very smart of you.

Alex: Not as fun as suffix. We have a long list to go still.