It Had To Happen Now...

Bloody hell. Talk about strings of bad luck happening as the time to go back to Notroh Woods creeps in nearer. Well better those bad luck happening here then there. If it happens there, I'm screwed!

I'm sure you guys know about me hotwiring my own computer to start it up. Well that's one but that was last year. I think it started from there.

Not forgetting the Blue Screen of Death... Stupid MSN...


Then yesterday, after C's marathon on my PSP with Lumines II and Loco Roco, my PSP refuse to charge! WTF! How can it refuse to charge... What am I suppose to do for power then. Its weird but I reckon a fuse or a lose wire connected to the batt is gone. So gotta get that fix today and hope it don't take more than a day... I'm going back Sunday dem it and its coming with me.

No more electronic failures please!

Not sure if this is considered badluck or not but I'll just put it down here anyways. The company that Sam and I were working for called saying that our offer letters are finally here and we need to fill it in... Just great. Took them 6 weeks to process a simple freaking letter. Thank goodness our pay is in.

Oh please nothing more unexpected things happen. I need to go back to campus with a tranquil soul and peaceful mind.

I shall think Zen and meditate.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Aiyoh, kesian. How come "refuse to charge"? Maybe can fix it in Ipoh?

adrien said...

think zen and meditate?

why not think about Zen naked, and well..whatever that usually comes after that?

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: I just sent it this afternoon. Hope I get it back today...

Adrien: Ooo that would do too. :P