Party People!

Happy 2008 to all my dear readers. I definitely had the best New Year celebration ever (usually I just stay home and have a quiet night). With the company of close friends/bloggers, the night was filled with laughter and joy.

We had two parties two days in a row, back to back (kinda like Channel V's Double Take). One a sleepover at Lifebook's place (which was a total blast!) and one... I don't even know what to call it. Lets try poolside-potluck-all-of-a-sudden-its-La-Faghag's-Bday-Party. Yes I believe that's it.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all the laughing, eating, laughing some more and screaming out answers for Charades, I forgot to take pictures... No worries, McDave and Alex, our professional photographers were well armed with their SLRs.

No matter.

We had tonnes of food over at Lifebook's place. There were beef stew, angel's hair, Ayamas, Shepherd's Pie (which was more like mashed potato with some beef at the bottom though it was nice), 6 tubs of ice creams, Chinese Chocolate Cake (don't ask and I won't tell), caramel pudding, Big Apple's Donut, lots of alcohol and more food.

After all that munching, we played Mad Gab. Totally hilarious! All of us sounded spastic and down syndrome-ed trying to guess what the hell were those bunch of words suppose to mean.

Try guessing what's "Yore Luke Ink Hood".

Then we got bored of sounding spastic and down syndrome-ed. There's only so much we can take and plus Adrien drank way too much alcohol by then. So we played Charades. Awesome game to play when you're drunk ask Adrien.

Imaging if you had to act out "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". That was a bitch to guess but dem funny.

This was the train of thought of Xavier:

Who's the Father.

My train of thoughts:

Virgin Mary.
What?! She wasn't virgin?!
Jesus wasn't immaculately conceived?!
Oh fuck it.

No we didn't get to guess it. Too freaking hard!

Then try acting out "Ms. Saigon". I won't even begin to describe the train of thoughts for this. It's just too funny. finally Adrien for some bizarre reason guessed Chinese Chocolate Cake...

With 15++ over people in the house, we had to play Mafia. Lovely game to play when there's a big crowd. Lots of hilarious things happened. From the betrayal of La Boyfriend to tragic love of the Butterfly Lovers.

By now, it was well over midnight and those who didn't stay over left. But for those who stayed over, the night just started and watched Metrosexual. Good movie for an Asian production. Look out for Kong in the movie. He looks oh so yummy!

Unfortunately, orgy wasn't part of the sleepover. How sad...

The next day we went to Tesco to shop for food and drinks for Adrien's weird ass, all in one celebration party! And these were some of the stuff we got. Excluding the Barbie of course. Heheheh.

Last minute party shopping cart.

More food came in as people arrived. Dominos, Cinnabon, lots of KFC (me was having KFC craving too), a birthday cake from King's Confectionery and chips. So much food is making me FAT! I can't believe I'm welcoming the New Year with me stuffing myself with food. This is not good...

Some went for swimming in the pool, while others sat around and bitch, chat and moan a lot.

So that's my two days of party-capade.

How was your New year celebration?

-Live Long & Prosper


Leesh said...

..was stuck in a jam at Jalan Tun Razak with an awesome display of fireworks! :D Partied at Poppy's and stayed up till 12pm the next day.
And then partied with you guys! :P fun fun FUN! more parties to come in 2008, i hope :P

Jason said...

Party was fun, too bad my sore throat won't go away. :(

More parties on the way!

chase said...

the food you mention in this post is absolutely delightful.. *slurp...

happy new year!!! looks like you guys had so much fun.. no fireworks for you guys??

Alex said...

Love the parties!

Miss Pangsai.... wakakakaka....
"Jesus had a father????" wakakakaak....

Happy New Year!

Queer Ranter said...

Leesh: Stuck in a jam?! Poor thing. Should have dragged you into the sleepover ho. :P

Jason: Poor sick Jason.

*usap-usap lotion

Chase: No fireworks but it was fun with all the friends none the less.

Alex: Hahahah. Jom party lagi!

-C said...

'You're looking good.'

I would be very good at this game *grin*

William said...

"Immaculate Conception" refers to Mother Mary being born free of the original sin, not referring to her "conception" of Jesus.

Queer Ranter said...

C: Hahahah. That the easy one.

William: Is that what it means. Wakakakak. How interesting.