Blur Blur Day...

My my was rather bizarre early in the afternoon. It was alright when I woke up, kissed Mc Dave good morning, shower and had breakfast. It was the most perfect morning I could have asked for. After breakfast, everyone in the house got ready to go out. This was about one o'clock. We all got into the car and mom drove us to Sungai Wang. Quater way to Sungai Wang, I realised something. My Chinese class starts at TWO~~~ Fuck. Told mom and she turned the car round, headed back and dropped. Sigh. I'm not sure why I totally forgotten about it. I was so hyped up to go out to Sungai Wang and do a little last minute shopping.

The class was fun as usual but it was my last... I now can write simple sentences and I can recognise some of the daily use words. I'm so happy and now I can continue learning Chinese myself. If only I was Chinese Ed. Then again, I won't be the person I am today.

After the class, we got ready again to go to Sungai Wang even though it was raining pussy and puppies out there. I called soo many cab companies but none had any cabs for us. Finally mom came back from her outing and brought us to the LRT station. Getting to Sungai Wang was no hassle but getting the things I wanted was another story.

First thing on my list was to get meself a new sling bag. We saw a nice sling bag previously when we were there. So we went back to the same shop to get it but it took a little more decision making skills to determine which bag I wanted. I kept comparing the bags to suit my needs. So I got a bag which was RM 10.00 extra but it was worth it. I love the bag lots. That pretty much took most of my energy and I was running on my reserved energy.

After bag shopping, we went to The Undershop. Yes, if you don't already know, I have underwear fetish. I can't help it. I just love underwear. So there we were, browsing through the sample underwear and I asked the sales person for the underwear that I wanted. She looked at the shelf and told me they ran out. Fuck AGAIN!? Its out even here?! Shit man... Sigh... I want more underwear! Arrrrg... Fine, then we walked to Time Square to The Undershop and guess what, it ran out there TOO~~~ Fuck...

To sooth my anger, disappointment and rid of my fucked up chi, we went to eat Chinese herbal jelly. Me love lots and now I'm a herbal jelly junkie~~~ Hehhehehe. Its delicious, yummy and cooling. So we just sat there and enjoyed each other's company. Walked around to kill some time before we had to leave to my faghag's birthday party.

By the time I was at my faghag's birthday party, my reserved energy ran out. I was super exhausted so I didn't do much, actually didn't do any socializing at all. I was basically just talking to the people I know there and stick to Mc Dave. I guess the party would have been super fun if I had the energy to enjoy it. At least my baby and I got to talk with each other about when I am in campus and the future.

When we finally got back, I was soo tired. I went to shower while my baby was updating his blog, reading and commenting blogs. My baby gave me a foot rub after he showered and we slept hugging each other. The last sleepover before I go back to campus... Love you baby.

-Live Long & Prosper


Harvey said...

Eh? Since when did you contract my "blurness"? Maybe you made love too much already. Haha

Legolas said...

Back to school.... Erf!!

MrBunnyBan said...

Oooo! Sling bag! <3 <3 <3 Me approves!