An Almost A Queer Last Supper

As I said from my previous post, we had a farewell party for MrBunnyBan. 12 queers attended, short of one to make it The Last Supper. Guess Judas wasn't interested in attending our party. Your lost. :) The guest list:
  1. MrBunnyBan
  2. Alex
  3. Joshua
  4. Xavier
  5. Dr Paul
  6. Leggie
  7. Derek
  8. Chris
  9. Harvey
  10. Silentside
  11. Mc Dave
  12. Me
Amongst the 12 queers, I met Joshua, Derek, Chris, Harvey and Silentside for the first time that night. It was really great meeting them and we were talking non stop, laughing till my head hurt and boy, weren't we like SOO LOUD~~~ There were these three guys sitting behind us and according to Xavier, they're queers. Well, they kept staring at me and Mc Dave cause we were feeding each other food, holding hands and hugging. Like I said, "If you have it, flaunt it.". But I guess every Tom Harry Dick in TGI Friday knew we're queers. The waiter serving our table definately knew we're gay cause:

Waiter: So are you guys going to stay for the game? (Refering to football.)
Xavier: What game? (Asking with the muka sepuluh sen. :P)

Think about it. 12 guys but none of us paying attention to the game going on and it was full house in TGI Friday too. Heheheh.

Hot deng it. I don't think I've spoken to Joshua much. I guess he is what he portrays online. Then again, I didn't get to chat much with him online these days too. See see, because of a CERTAIN PERSON la. Hogger. Yea you know who you are. Grats anyhow. Heheheh. But great meeting yea non the less.

It was really a pleasure to meet Derek being the Queer GodFather. All of us knew who Derek was and was connected to him in the blogsphere one way or another. I like talking to Chris cause he's got that "boy-boy" innocent look. This made me want to defile and deflower him. Skanky mode ON~~~ Hehhehe. Not defile/deflower him physically of course Derek. :P Not to mention, Chris plays DOTA too. Yes finally another queer DOTA player in Blueserver. I can see my Queers R Us clan is coming to view. Hehehe. Can't wait to play with him. I meant DOTA.

Silentside. Bah. My ass will bloom lots of flowers in WINTER with icicles forming on each of them if his nick is any indication of his personality. He is really funny guy, never short of expressions when talking to him and loud. I had tonnes of fun talking to him in the car and we were going nuts with our bimbo and super queen expressions. Gotta love them bimbos and queens. Oh and he dances too. Not sure what sort of dance.

Harvey. Hmmm. Harvey half what I imagined him to be. I don't know how else to put it. I guess in some ways he's like Bunny. Heheheh. Mc Dave spoke to him more than I did. Bitching about me were you?! Kidding. What were we talking about? Ah deng this lack of sleep syndrome. I totally forgotten. I don't remember most of the things I talked about. Aaaaa~~~ And
soo many people to talk to but soo little time and table arrangement sucks. They should have given us a round table. I think that would be much better.

I'm glad that Mc Dave
finally got to meet my blog friends. I hope he had a great time chatting with them and getting to know them. Though I wished that Mc Dave was sitting next to Dr Paul just to see what Dr Paul would do to Mc Dave. Tease him? Prod him? Inquisition session? Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper


confusticated said...

hoo. sounds like good fun. and why on earth would you want to subject mcdave to such, er, paul-ness? don't you love him? heehee.

savante said...

me? Poke fun? Inquisition? Nah, I'm a shy guy who has finesse - I'll dig it all out with subtler methods.


Harvey said...

Eh? I'm like bunny? You mean we both have animal traits or sth?

ceusm said...

sigh.. i missed out the fun.. I'm sad.. :<

Harvey said...

Ooo, come to think of it. Mrbunnyban did looked like Jesus Christ as we all bid farewell to him. But then calling it the last supper is like, so Choy!

defiant85 said...

Idiot - Uh. Curiousity kills? :P

Savante - That you are Dr. Paul. Hehhehe.

Harvey - Hahhahah. Perhaps. Bunny stew~~~ Jesus?! Ooo. MrBunnyBan is now a holy icon~~~

Ceusm - Oh now now. This Sun Melaka what.

Xavier said...

muke sepuluh sen???!?!??!

it was muke 12 sen la.....

Alex said...

It was a great dinner!!!!
:P Such a skank giving such skanky gift....

joshua said...

Defiant will forever be defiant.