A Day In The Life Of Mc Dave

I finally got to see where he stays and who his housemates are. Pity I didn't have time to go through his stuff. Heheh. Things people have tells a lot about the owner. He showed me photos of him since he started his course. Its a huge difference, his hair especially. They weren't as super fly as last time. Well, they weren't super fly fullstop. :)

Didn't get much sleep after the looking at photo session. Slept at 4.00 AM but woke up at about 7.30 AM. Sigh. Kept tossing and turning in bed and Mc Dave was also doing the same but he was more energetic than me. Guess he's a morning person while I'm so totally not... Anyhow, by 8.30 AM we got up and got ready cause Mc Dave had to go to work by 9.30 AM. He had to open shop for business or his juniors will be waiting for him outside of the shop.

As I have mentioned before, he's an student/employee optician. Come to think of it, he's the first person I know that is studying in this field and its kinda interesting. I'm soo facinated by the things he studies and the things he does as an optician. The reason I followed him to work was my dad wants to get new lenses for his glasses. Hehehhe. Father and son bonding?

I had been soo interested to see how they cut lenses to fit into the frames and today I got my chance to do so. MrBunnyBan out of spontaneous shopping desire, I think, decided to get a new pair of glasses. Just kidding about the spontaneous shopping desire. He really needed new ones cause he's was rather ancient. Now he looks super fly~~~ :P Mc Dave was able to make his glasses on the spot because he had the lenses that Bunny needed. So I got to see the process of making a pair of glasses. Me soo happy. :) Mc Dave gave Bunny one month disposable contact lenses for Bunny to try too. It was funny to see Bunny putting them on and hilarious seeing him taking them out. Heheheh, I'm soo mean.

Then my parents came. Took them long enough but luckily there was the making a glasses thing to keep me awake and facinated or else I'm not sure what I'll do in his shop. Soo tired and I most probably would have fallen asleep there and then. Mc dave was sweet enough to get some info about cataracts for my dad since he asked Mc Dave the other day. So he did an eye test for my dad and told my dad that the lenses he currently have are tinted not gray-shading ones. Dad was a little angry cause he got cheated.

-Live Long & Prosper


MrBunnyBan said...

Not to mention super cheap price Mc Dave charge, make my head spin. Or is that the flu? :p

Xavier said...


meet the parents.... :)