At The End Of The Universe

Arrived campus at last after three hours of driving and a lunch pitstop in Tapah stop. The first thing I noticed was how freaking hot this freaking place is and how bloody humid it is too. Arrrg. Why why... So I arrvied at 2.00 PM and I went straight to the office to get my keys. Guess what, its closed and there's a notice saying registration will continue at 2.00 PM. Hmmm. Gotta love Malaysians with their ability to read the time...

Since I didn't want to sweat like a pig and get roasted till I'm all crispy and "well done", I headed to the "Pink Room". Hehehhe. I missed the "Pink Room". Met Xavier but he was studying like there's no tomorrow and I could see lots of paper and files everywhere. Not a good example of being "GAY". :P Managed to chat a little in between him reading and writting stuff that I don't think I want to understand... Weird ass graphs and illustrations... Then Alex came in. Heheheh. So I was basically there killing time till it was 2.30 PM then I went back to the office again. She was there and I got my keys.

I headed to my room to try out the keys but the key wouldn't turn. Its stuck. Fuck... I went back to the office to get another set of keys but they were all the same. WTF... I took all the same keys back to try my lock again. Still it wouldn't turn. Arrrrg. I gave up with the keys and asked help from my housemate. It didn't take him any effort at all to unlock it. WTF... Apparently the lock had to be twisted and turned in a weird way... But finally I managed to open it. After that was just shifting stuff from the car to my room.

My room design is the same as the last, which is the corner room. I love this room soo much cause of the positions the beds are at. Its under a window so fresh air in the morning~~~ One thing is different though. My block faces the girls block and they are at higher grounds... Not to mention even though I'm in the second floor, my room is almost the same level as the road outside. So people tend to look in the general direction of my room. Oh well. See ma see lo. :P

I'm missing my baby already. Sigh. Why why so "ulufied"... At least I have my rat rat to remind me of him everytime I play with rat rat... Sigh...

-Live Long & Prosper


Apollo David said...

Baby i miss U too~ rat_rat do always make me remember Baby.
My Hard time started.
looking forward to baby come back.
i miss u,Baby~~~