Window Shopping

I had the best and most fabulous outing ever with Mc Dave today. We had lunch at Mc Donalds in KL Central. (Har har har. I can practically hear everyone laughing still.) I only had strawberry milkshake while he had the new Spicy Beef Foldover. No idea why but I had a sudden craving for strawberry milkshake. I love Mc Donald's milkshake.

After lunch, we headed for One Utama. It took us ages to get there by cab from Taman Bahagia but it was nice when we got there. That was my fifth time going there. We went to The Undershop to get MrBunnyBan's parting pressie. Guess what I got? I got him my all time favourite kinky and skanky wear, A POUCH. Then we went to a gift shop, initially for a card but found out they sold empty decorated bottles. So got the bottle instead to put the pouch in it. What a lovely gift. We went to one of the optical shop to go visit Mc Dave's friends. Sat there and chatted away. Nice people from what I can tell. Last destination was Popular bookstore. Mc Dave wanted to look for books to aid my learning in Chinese. We found some really nice books that I like. Gonna get them soon with mom later on before going back to campus.

Oh, Mc Dave and I got this matching handphone chains. Its two people kissing when they're joined and its soo lovely. The gal thought I was buying it for a gal. Hehehe. It was one of those stall looking shop things. That shop had really nice stuff but only for heterosexual couples. SEXIST~~~ Though the one I got was not obvious. Can't really tell its heterosexual couple kissing each other.

The highlight of our outing was IKEA~~~ I love furniture shopping~~~ No, we're not getting a place of our own cause none of us can afford a place but it doesn't hurt to just walk around to see what furnitures were available and imagine our ideal home. We decided that our dream home would be a loft. An empty space with no walls. I love it soo much. Check out Brian Kinney's place from Queer As Folk. We saw many furnitures we liked and many furnitures that we ain't touching with a TEN FOOT POLE. He and I have similar taste on how to decorate our home. Out of the blue when we were in one of the model home, he asked a very important/serious question.

Mc D: Do you want kids?
Me: (A little shocked.) Well, at this moment no. I'm not sure about the future but most likely no. Like I said to Bunny, I'll take care of your kid but that's as far as I'll go.
Mc D: I don't want kids too. (He said something more but I couldn't remember. Lack of sleep...)

We went on talking about pets. It was one of my minor priority for our ideal home. He's a dog person while I'm a cat person so I guess when we get our pets, we should get it at the same time and the doggie and the kitty must be of a very young age so they can get along. I loved the time we were in IKEA. It was a semi dream come true relationship wise. Moving in and going back to IKEA to get furnitures is the dream come true for me.

While in dreamland, I had a call from Alex saying that he was in TGI Friday. So Mc Dave and I left IKEA and headed to TGI Friday. We were having a farewell party for MrBunnyBan and a grand total of 12 queers attended. I will blog about this in the next post. The party came to an end at about 2.00 AM in the morning. MrBunnyBan drove Mc Dave, Silentside and me back. We dropped Silentside back to his place first then to Mc Dave's place. Mc Dave and I really late, 4.00 AM and I think everyone knows what went during that period of time. :P

To MrBunnyBan,

Thanks so much for everything ever since I met yea in Melaka. I had tonnes of fun knowing yea and you sure is one of a kind. I wish that you'll have a great time in Aussie and good luck in your studies.

With Love,

-Live Long & Prosper


confusticated said...

hooh. bunnyban's leaving.