Where Are My Horseshoes?

Well seems like luck is not on my side this time round. As previously mentioned, I was on waiting list to fly to Melbourne but I didn't get the ticket. So no flying to Aussie for me... My parents. however, got themselves ticket for next month to fly there. Arrrrg. I wanna go too. Dem it. Sigh. Guess no new edition of DNA mags or gay porn mags.

On the brightside, I get to stay here and spend my time with my baby and do all the plans he's been planing. Woot woot. Sleepovers~~~
Lots of RAMPANT SEX~~~ I mean quality time together. Yes, quality time. :P He's coming back this Sun and staying over for the night since he'll be arriving late that day and it would be too late and dangerous to go back to Shah Alam at that hour.

My exam results are out but its not what I was expecting. I got like a bunch of B+s with a B and a C+... Fuck... I thought I would get As for the B+s cause I was sure I did well for the exam. Studied freaking hard for it and this is the result... Fuck... Sigh. Dem pissed off with it. I can't really send it back to remark cause it costs a bomb per paper... Arrrrrg. At least my CGPA didn't drop, just maintained... Sucks really...

-Live Long & Prosper


FamezGAY said...

ok tats a good thing that ur CGPA didn't drop. it means everyone is doing bad as well.. so I guess its the paper problem not urs.. work harder next time then..