Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Great weather this morning cause of the sudden rain and accompanied by the cool morning breeze. If only every morning is like this and classes start later in the morning. Mornings like this makes me all emotional and wish that my baby is here in bed with me, under the comforter and sharing body warmth while enjoying each other's company. Ah if only...

But this weather didn't hold throughout the whole day. By about 10.00 AM, the sun is scorching hot and I'm gettting darker~~~ Fuck... I don't wanna be tan, I wanna be fair and yellow... I'll find to a way for me to walk with the most minimum duration under the sun cause I don't want to carry an umbrella around. But I ain't gonna waste my two months effort getting fair in my cave at home.

Classes as usual during the day. Nothing much really. Introduction here and introduction there but in the evening I was in JJ. Bought some groceries for me. I'm soo addicted to Post cereals. They have the best cereals EVER~~~ Yum yum. I got the Honey Bunches. Gonna eat it once I finish my Cranberry Almond Crunch. They got soo many flavours and I'm gonna get mom to stock it up for me for the rest of the term. :P A little pricey for me to buy it on my own. Hehehe.

While I was in JJ, I went to BodyShop. I just love that shop cause everything they have there is soo nice. If only I got more money. Anyways, I saw the fragrant Oceanus and I took a whiff of it. I really like the fragant soo much but most of all, it reminded me of Mc Dave. This is his smell and I miss him soo much. Almost made me cry in the shop. I wanted to buy a bottle for myself but no money la... Sigh. So I took the tester paper strip and sprayed some on it for me to take it back. Then I made rat rat to hug the strip till rat rat smell like Oceanus. I'm sure he misses Mc Dave too. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


Cibetronic said...

well, apollo, it's a hint to u. get dat oceanus asap will u or we all here will suffer here! lolx

MrBunnyBan said...

Wah, now rat rat smell like Mc Dave. Hee...me thinks he misses other rat rat more than Dave.