Day One

Classes started today and I skipped all my Monday classes. I think there are two or three on Monday. Hehehhe. Why? I was busy with my Rotaract work. A bunch of us were in Ipoh doing some stuff for our installation for the whole day. We left at eight in the morning and got back at eight at night. Yea tiring. Though I did manage to buy some underwear. :P I couldn't help but treat myself. Heheheh. They didn't have what I wanted so I got Renoma Touch hipsters instead. Hehehhe.

I guess its a good start to the semester busy with something instead of walking around going to classes like a zombie cause of the holidays. Nothing like skipping classes to jump start my semester. :P

Oh and Ipoh is soo FREAKING hot~~~ My arse was feeling like "Niagra Fall" will all the sweat. Not to forget the freaking Sun. Its so intense, it can scorch anything. I feel like a turkey in the oven for Thanks Giving...

So that was my day one of my semester. :)

-Live Long & Prosper


Apollo David said...

Baby must do hard on ur study... only four month... smartly arrange Baby's time table. i'll give support for Baby.