IKEA Addiction

I LOVE IKEA. Went there again today with my parents to have lunch there. I know crazy ass idea but they've got the best meatball ever. Its soo delicious and fabulous. 10 meatballs with two boiled potatoes are enough to fill me stomach to the max. There's something about the ball shape that makes things very delicious. Take for example the Chicken Rice Balls. Its just regular chicken rice but super yummy.

While I was there, I got meself a lamp for my room. I love the lamp soo much. Makes my room very cosy and romantic and looks oh so fabulous too. I love dim lights for my room and this suited me perfectly. I saw this lamp with Mc Dave last Sunday too when we were there window shopping for our future home. He loved it too. I kinda got lost in there for a moment. Trying to find my way to look for the lamp was a little tricky but I managed. Heheheh. Too many furniture everywhere makes me go bonkers.

After I got the lamp, I past by the children's room section. Normally I wouldn't pay attention to it but something in the stuffed toys corner grabbed my attention. It was these rats that caught my attention I went crazy over them. They're soo cute and adorable. I couldn't resist myself and got one for me and another for Mc Dave. They're soo fluffy and nice to hold. Even a mother and her daughter were laughing when I went to pay for them. Heheheh. Now Teddy has friends to play with. Currently they don't have any names yet but I call them rat rat for now. :P Any suggestions?

-Live Long & Prosper


confusticated said...

err. not really, no. lemme think. what can you call rats? how bout, skank and skink? heehee.

joshua said...

ugh. rats. me no likey

haha... cute but...

if u give them to me, the first thing i'd do is to dissect them haha


savante said...

Grossness! Rats!!

I suggest you call em Plague and Pestilence! :P


MrBunnyBan said...

Erm...why do I fear for Teddy all the sudden?

Pinky and da Brain. :)

defiant85 said...

Idiot - Skank and skink? Isn't skink a lizard? :P

Joshua - You stay away from my rat rat!

Savante - Cute one Paul. I think these rat rat are harmless. Maybe one of them has the Black Plague in them. :)

Bunny - Ooo. Me likey the names~~~ Teddy is getting along just fine. :P

Cybertron said...

fulamak... 1 rat not enuf. got 2 some more n so big but so der cute oooo. wat u feed them ah. oh u feed teddy bear. wakakaka... call u piperman next time.

Me name them Muzzie for MC dave which starts with M and Dexter for u Defiant starts as D.

actually ur rat has pointed muzzle and dexterous forepaws. thus muzzle becomes muzzie and dexterous becomes dexter.

gheez i'm like naming babies. :) who's next?

ceusm said...

cute.. i used to have lots of stuff toys.. but now uhmnn all donated out liao since i think i'm too old for the toys but yet I still love stuff toys n would like to collect them if i have a place of my own ekeke

wolveriness said...

call one fifi and another fofo :P
The rats are cute! But somehow they look weird with Teddy :D.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got the same lamp as yours, I bought it 1 year ago.. :)