One month has past since the day Mc Dave and I decided to be together as a couple. I must say that I enjoyed every moment with him even before we decided to be a couple. He is a very affectionate person with a great sense of wittiness and humour. He cares for the person he's in love with, which is ME, and he knows how to cheer me up. Everytime I hear his voice, its give a sense of calmness and serenity in me. I love you my baby, my knight in shinning armor.

Its sad that we can't celebrate our one month anniversary together. I'm here in the middle of no where while his four hours drive away... Sigh. If only I can. I hope there will be more anniversaries to come and we can celebrate them together.

!Happy Anniversary Baby!


-Live Long & Prosper


Legolas said...



++ Chris ++ said...

Ah, happy 1st month anniversary for u two then. Hope it will last forever :)

Harvey said...


FamezGAY said...

oh oh.. anniversary ah! gosh i think today is my official five month anniversary too (i mean being single!).. gosh I'm ENVY WITH GREEN EYES NOW keekeke! (just kidding)

MrBunnyBan said...

Wei! What's with all the mandarin? T.T

Wah, nowadays got one month anniversery also. Oooo... *takes notes*

defiant85 said...

Hehehhe. Thanks all. I'm hoping for the best.