Melaka Here We Cum!

Once again, Melaka was invaded by a bunch of queer guys. This time there's five of us: Lawrence, Prince, Prince's BF, Harvey and me. Everything almost when according to plan the morning we were suppose to leave but we should have anticipated a tiny glitch in our plan to meet Lawrence. Harvey being Harvey the blur blur one overslept... We were waiting for him at the KTM Station but he was no where in sight nor did he call. So Lawrence called his phone but someone else picked up. We didn't know Harvey's real name so we couldn't talk to Harvey. He tried calling again then finally Harvey picked up. We finally left KL two hour later. :P We forgive you Harvey.

We stayed in Mahkota Century Hotel, a two bed room apartment. Needless to say who got which room and all that. :P We met MrBunnyBan there in the hotel but he was also as blur blur as Harvey. Bunny went to Equatorial Hotel thinking its Mahkota Century Hotel... Hmmm... After that, we went makan-makan in Jonker Street. Chicken Rice Balls~~~ Yummy. Though something was missing after this delicious lunch, DESSERT~~~ We had regular cendol and it was sooo nice... Oh an a plate of Mee Siam. Hheheh. I'm feeling fat... :(

Then we headed to Mahkota Parade to meet four of Prince's friends. One guy, one couple and one suspected gay. Hahahah. We went to go jalan-jalan to the historical places around like A Farmosa, St. Paul's hill and other tourist attraction. We walked back to Mahkota Parade to take a break from walking and stayed there till it was dinner time and off to Satay Celup~~~ 10 people eating Satay Celup is fun. We got two whole table to ourselves. It was a good dinner and I was disturbing the Indonesian "kak" there. She's soo funny. In the end, we got 30 cents discount. :P Oh, Harvey got a huge big ass and I really mean huge big ass prawn. If you're a prawn fan, you just might get an orgasm there and then.

Not much went on after dinner. We were exhausted anyhow cause of all the walking we did but we did go and have a look at a cruising spot Bunny told us. Yes, you heard me right, Bunny said it. Heheheh. We didn't see anything really. It was really dark and I was having a bad feeling about it so I said lets head back. Too dangerous I'll say. So we headed back and sleep... No gay, hot, steamy sex action I'm afraid. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


joshua said...

orgasmic prawn?

wonder what u did with the prawn?

confusticated said...

eww. prawn. gross.

Cybertron said...

ooo sound like u all had fun. too bad i can't join as my 2 staffs are all on leave even though its not on mon or tues, yet it's not nice being a boss n took leave. i didnt tell u all as i dunwan to spoilt all ur fun. just blame me will do. kekeke... :)

next time we go not on mon ok. glad ur blogging again. :)