Santa Baby, Baby Santa

Today my parents and I went to Shah Alam to see Mc Dave. Hehehe. Yep we all just love him soo much so we decided to visit him. Hehehe. Just kidding. Dad's lenses finally arrived so they decided to go get it done. It was really nice seeing my baby again even though he slept over on Sunday. :P Its really interesting to see how glasses are made and how simple it seems. Take the shape of the frame, put it into the cutting machine and pop it into the frame. It took about an hour for the whole process to complete. My parents left to do some shopping while I spent time with Mc Dave in the shop.

He's wearing my bracelet that I got him from Melaka and he looks good and macho with it. He finally finished crafting my new pair of glasses too. Me love it soo much. I like the frame a lot cause its rather bright and out there. Not too out there but enough to be noticed. He got me new powered lenses too and now everything is super sharp. Thanks baby.

Reinstalled my DOTA and now I can play again. Hehhehe. Woot woot. No idea what was wrong with the game previously. Too lazy to find out. Now, I shall go back to playing DOTA.

-Live Long & Prosper


savante said...

Ooh. I should get new glasses!


Legolas said...

Can I get with discounted price?

Apollo David said...

Happy when baby come to visit me at work.
i like the bracelet so much.thank you baby. Love you.