Co Do Revisited

Yep, my mom and I went to Co Do again for dinner. I assure you it was mom's idea to go there. I wanted to go to D'licious in Mid Valley instead... Next time I guess.

We ordered something new this time, Cold Vietnamese Vermicelli set. It says that it serves two persons but I think the portion is enough for three. Its served in this huge bamboo tray that Chinese people use to steam dim sum.

It has all sorts of ingredients in it. There's pickled white and normal shredded carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, fish cake, pieces of beef (or chicken depending what you ordered), tomato, cucumber and Vietnamese vermicelli. Not to mention, some fried spring rolls and skewered squid balls.

Looks like a dim sum salad platter.

Then, there's diced roasted peanuts, fried garlic and onion and sweet and sour fish sauce. The sauce is really delicious and binds each of the ingredient's flavours together perfectly.

Roasted peanuts, fried garlic and onion and sweet and sour fish sauce.

Take the ingredients and put them into a small bowl and mix everything. It should resemble something like this.

Ready to serve.

I assure you, its really delicious and full of flavours. I like the balance between cooked and uncooked ingredients of this dish. Every bite is an adventure in the land of food texture. You'll have crispy bean sprouts, then tender beef to crunchy peanut bits. The flavours just explodes with every chew. Very satisfying to eat.

Grilled tofu with lemongrass paste.

I love the grilled tofu from the last time we were there. So we ordered it as a side dish.

Yummy yummy yummy.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

It looks like we've established a Co Do's fan club :)

Queer Ranter said...

I'm sure they'd like that. :P