More Yummy-licious Food

Third consecutive post on food stuff and the like. Guess I'm in the mood of food posts and I've been busy taking pictures of the food I ate. Might as well make it into a post.

I don't know how to catagorize Ang Gu Kueh. Its not a biscuit nor is it a cake. Its a 'kueh'. Chinese pastry perhaps? That's the closest I can get. I have a craving for Ang Gu Kueh especially the shredded coconut filling. The dough is sticky and oily and there are so many kinds of Ang Gu Kueh depending on the filling.

Usually they use red bean paste, green bean paste and fresh or panfried shredded coconut. I prefer the fresh shredded coconut one. The shredded coconut is crunchier. They'll use different colour dough to indicate different fillings of the Ang Gu Kueh.

Shredded coconut Ang Gu Kueh.

Choi pao or vegetable pao is one of my favourite pao. I love this pao because its dough is fluffy and light and the filling is delicious. The filling is cooked shredded turnip in some sort of sauce. Choi pao is one of the many paus they can make. The filling could be red bean paste, shredded pork or shredded chicken.

Choi Pao.

I just realised that Chinese love to try many sorts of stuffings and stuff them into doughs. You have dim sum where practically everything is stuffed into some sort of dough, you have pao, dumplings and even the pastry. How very interesting.

That's all the food photo I have for now.

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Janvier said...

Hahaha we is immune to this post!

Ang gu kueh we likes but it's way too oily for us to enjoy. Choy pau is one of our most-avoided pau flavours.

You enjoy things stuffed into buns hor?

adrien said...

i'm more than immune. i'm invincible!

1, cuz they'r chinese. 2, cuz they're probably chinese-food tasting. 3, cuz they're err...testicle looking.

Chester said...

Choy pau ar, totally avoid of it

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine you living abroad since there are so many local food that you love. Hehehe...

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: You don't like choi pao! *tsk tsk tsk

Adrien: *smack! Testicle looking...

Chester: *tsk tsk tsk

Calvin: Hahahah. Well perhaps. I've only shown the local food that I like. I love my burgers and pastas too.

Jason said...

I dun quite like choi pao too... *run and hide*

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: ... Eat your vege boy!