Co Do

I was out with my mom yesterday in Mid Valley to request for a missing puzzle piece of a puzzle she bought and completed save for the last piece that's missing. I guess she's got nothing to do and decided to pick up assembling puzzle to pass her time.

Come lunch, we had no idea what to eat. I only know that I don't want to eat in food courts. Then we passed by Little Vietnam and the menu got our attention. Plus, its been ages since we had Vietnamese food. I spent a greater part of my childhood in Vietnam.

So up the stairs we went into Co Do.

The entrance to Little Vietnam.

Its located on a floor above the normal level of the row of shops. People who frequent Mid Valley (specifically GSC there) would know what I'm talking about. I really like the place. Its really cosy and I like the furnishing of the place as well. Very antique and rustic theme.

The view from the inside.

We ordered a set meal for two since we didn't know what's this place's specialty is. It was Soup Rice with chicken and grilled tofu, fried yam and omellette as side dish. They were really delicious. Soup Rice is a pot of soup that has been brought to boil and cooked rice is added in the soup.

I've had my fair share of tofu tasting and the tofu that they served were really good ones. Its not those soft and smooth type of tofu. Its the hard and strong flavoured type of tofu. Grilled and laced with lemongrass paste, its absolutely delicious.

The chicken was cooked with basil leaves and it had a similar taste to a Thai dish that I had before. It went really well with the pot of Soup Rice. They were rather generous with the ingredients in the Soup Rice. It had lots and lots of vegetables in them that made the soup sweet and bursting with flavours.

Grilled tofu, fried yam with sweet and sour sauce.

Basil chicken, omellet and sweet and sour sauce.

Soup Rice pot.

They offer many ala carte dishes that I would love to try the next time I go there again, especially their beef noodles. I love Vietnamese beef noodles and they are well known for it too.

How I missed authentic Vietnamese food.

*thanks for the clarification Jason.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

Ooo. Wasn't bad place - but we never understood why they stamped our tablecloth...paper thing for.

Jason said...

We should have ask that time :)

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Its for prosperity and good luck. Interesting huh?

Jason: Lets go eat there one day. :P

Chester said...

You belanja is it?