Memory Lane

No, no this is not one of those oh so tragic childhood things post. Its the the opposite actually. Hilarious and embarrassing moments sort of things. I look back at these memories, I'll just ROFL to myself.


Once I was in Kinokuniya browsing for books in the Fantasy section. Kept going round and round but I couldn't find the books that I wanted. Then I found it and it was at the bottom of the shelf. I squatted down to take the book and that's when THE FLATUS happened.

It wasn't one of those loud ones but the silent killer like those stink bombs... The worst of them all and it had to happen when there were people around me too. I just scuffled out quickly and silently.

How embarrassing...

Get Out Get Out!

There was a time when my faghags stayed over at my place. Being a good host and a gentleman (hard to believe I'm a gentleman eh?), I let them sleep in my room and I slept in the living hall. Helped them settle down and attended to their whims and whimpers.

Then, there was something I needed to take from my room so without thinking, I just opened the door and entered. Out of the blue, I heard screaming from my one of my faghag. She was screaming, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Get out get out!". I looked at where the scream was coming from and I saw her sitting and one corner not dressed and signaling me to get out.

Hehehe. The whole incident was hilarious and still vivid in my mind. Pity I'm gay eh?

Under The Table

Last year, McDave came to my campus for a stayover before my mom came to help shift my things out of campus for semester break (we have to clear our room every semester break). So sweet of him. Naturally, being young and horny couple, there was lots of sex when he was over and I have a roommate mind you.

That evening when he arrived, my roomie decided to bring his car for a wash and yep, you guessed it, McDave and I got kinky. Hehehe. We had a blast and somehow, I don't remember how or what we were doing but I was under the table and he was sitting on the chair.

Then my roommate walked in on us.

The look on my roomie's face was priceless. The door opened, he walked it, said, "oh shit" and walked out and closed the door. I was laughing my head off and went out to drag my roomie back into the room assuring him we were done and he saw nothing.

Gotta love the bloopers in life. Makes things a hell lot more interesting.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Woah... luckily he's not from the Anti-Homosexual Unit. You two ah... really.... *geleng kepala and chuckles at the same time*

Magus_Young said...

Ok, I dunt mind the farting bit, coz I myself fart wherever, whenever and however I want too. Even farted when a guy was rimming me hahaha.

But aiyo at kinokuniya, bagi muka sket lah to all the books, but if u must u must.

Second one, aiye, choi - did u see the abalone or the boobs? I whud have fainted

Third one - aiye, horny and kinky , under the table and sitting whew! i feel itchy now! heheheeh

Chester said...

Under the table and sitting. I can imagine it how high can it be

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Heheheh. Its ok. He's a fag too. :P

Magus: It wasn't a must. It was a sneak attack using the Flatus. :P

No la. Didn't see. Huhuhuh. Funny screaming sounds though. :P

*scratch scratch Heheheheh.

Chester: Heheheh. :P Its fun you should try it.

quicksilverlining said...

really now, how does the under the table thing work? unless it's a very low chair...?

Kit said...

very funny you!
yes life is about being able to laugh at ourselves. sometimes it is the only thing that keeps us sane.

and quicksilverlining... i think there is no chair.

William said...

Your mother walking in on the Deskjob would have been priceless. :P

Queer Ranter said...

Quicksilverlining: *shrugs Don't remember. ;P

Kit: Heheheh. We all have our quirky times. :P

William: You gila! Huhuhuh.

coolgardy said...

We all have our moments I guess..but yours is really farnee...tell more!

Queer Ranter said...

Coolgardy: Hehehhe. We sure do. Some more? Perhaps future posts. :)

Jason said...

Then why dun ask him to join? Wuahahaha

Chester said...

I should try? perhaps try on this coming weekend lo.kekek