See the new widget that I added? Its called PacMee (PAC = Personalisation, Advertisement & Communication) brought to you by Hotlink. Saw it in my Nuffnang advert and it got me curious about it. So I decided to try it out.

At first glance, its features and functionalities are very similar to Twitter. Something you put in your blog, online profile or websites and announce what you're up to. It looks kinda nice too and blends in well as a widget don't you think?

Being a product of Hotlink, you can bet your wallet there'll be charges and true enough there are. RM 0.50 for 10 shoutouts and 20 shoutouts are limited to a month. 20 shoutouts? That's a bummer. Well, not like I use it that often. Heheh. I just like the option of putting more than 20 shoutouts. I'm a fan of options you see and I like having them.

Then they have this feature of following a person's shoutout for a low low price of RM 0.25 a month a person. You'll get sms notifications of all the shoutouts.
Its like receiving sms from your favorite online celebrity. Something tells me Maxis and Hotlink are making lots of money from this.

Well, I guess its a somewhat useful sending a shoutout through my phone when I don't have access to the net. At least you guys will know I'm still alive right?

-Live Long & Prosper


conan_cat said...

ooo i got the ad there too but i haven't got the chance to go try it out haha... thanks for telling me what it is XD i go check it out too~ :D

Chester said...

i thought free x_x must pay de ar

Queer Ranter said...

Conan: Hehehe. No worries. Try it out and see if you like it.

Chester: Well, its by Hotlink. Everything is money when it comes to Hotlink.

Jason said...

Why put it when it charged you?
Btw, we know you'll stay alive... so dun worry. :P

Chester said...

QR so big boy, no need to worry that much already la

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Well here's the thing. They charge one go. As in, 10 shoutout credits per payment. So since I got like 2 shoutouts out, I have spare 8 ma.

Chester: Me or my boy big? :P Either way both are big. Heheheh.