J Songs

I'm slowly hopping onto the All-That-Is-Japanese-Is-Cool bandwagon or am I already on it? It started first with J anime, then J drama and next thing I know, I'm hooked with J pop songs.

Adrien introduced these two lovely female Japanese singers, Mika Nakashima and Shiina Ringo. Both have their distinctive style of singing and both are really good.

Mika Nakashima - Yuki No Hana

Shiina Ringo - Yukushitsu

Both of these songs are so addictive. I love the instruments played in Yuki No Hana especially if you can find the 'Silent Version' cause the violin adds so much emotion to the whole song. I reckon the 'Silent Version' is way better than the original.

I don't know why I like Yukushitsu. I just do. The beat, the lyrics are catchy!

Everyday without fail, these two songs will be in my playlist.

Do you listen to J songs?

-Live Long & Prosper


Anonymous said...

Aiyo...now only you got this J-fever ah? Hehehe... Don't feel weird. It happened to me ages ago. First with J-dramas, then J-songs, and then the next thing you know, you will learn Japanese language too which I already did and that is how I can converse in Japanese.

I got a whole stack of J-drama VCDs and another whole stack of J-songs CDs from so many J-artistes.

Bibik Nyonya said...

I've been listening to mika nakashima YEARS ago. Did you listen to her 'legend'? Look that up!

Queer Ranter said...

Calvin: Wow. J everything for yea eh. Heheh.

Bibik: Look it up I shall then. :)

adrien said...

what can i say, i've got good taste. lol. having discographies of both artists, u can just ask me what song u want and i'll gladly send it to ya. LEGEND's ok for me. it has two versions too, just so you know. hehe.

btw, if u say shiina ringo, u say nakashima mika. don't get confused over last and first names! hehe