Peeled Coconut?

Besides my addiction to durian, I love coconuts. Nothing like a chilled coconut on a hot sunny day. Kinda like a cool bottle of beer and best of all, no beer gut from drinking coconut.

Meet Instant Peeled Coconut. No fuss no mess from peeling the coconut husks and unwanted bits of broken coconut shells. Instead, its perfecally peeled and stored in transparent plastic container ready to drink.

Laguna Peeled Coconuts.

See nicely packed and ready for consumption. Mind you, this is not the young coconuts but a little older because the coconut meat has to be harder to be able to retain the coconut water in it.

Peeling in action.

The guy was hacking most of the coconut husk away and when he spotted the coconut meat, he too out this really flexible knife and started to detach the coconut meat from the shell. Once that's done, the whole thing just fall out into the plastic container.



Ingenius way of presenting coconut. Very creative. But I guess its a marketing gimmick to get people to buy their coconut. Its RM3.50 per coconut. Kinda expensive but I was enough curious to buy it.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ryan said...

OOooh... looks nice! Definitely a good solution to quench my thirst under the hot hot sun!

Nicholas said...

1 word: Malibu

Janvier said...

OOO! We so agrees with Nicholas!

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: Its a perfect solution though it could be a little messy. :P

Nicholas & Janvier: Lets open up a bottle then!

coolgardy said...

I love coconuts too..when I was in Bangkok, we use to drink it every day...and it was dirt cheap.

The one you had is from Jusco right? Which one did u go to?

Queer Ranter said...

Coolgardy: Yea that's the one. I went to Jusco Ipoh.

Nicholas said...

Way ahead of you... *sips malibu*

Kinjal Trivedi said...

Amazing concept.