What's The Connection?

Evidently I'm have lots of free that I even pre-blogged this post yesterday. So today's post consists of several things that are connected with each other. Find the connection.

First clue is a by Savage Garden. I love this song and Darren is such a cutie pie. Gone were the days where Savage Garden rocks!

Second clue is a song by Garbage.

And the last is my favourite hairstylist of all time. He's so adorable though he's not at his best in this pic. See the pink lip gloss? It just makes him all the more adorable. Oh pretty gene, where art thou?

He's so adorable!

Now be a doll and guess what's the connection between the three.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

You fruitcase.

Jason said...

He looks... short. :p

-C said...


William said...

You censored Bill!

conan_cat said...

uhh, i certainly have no idea @___ooo

you fell in love with the hairstylist? lol

Janvier said...

He's a fruitcase, conan. But we'd to listen almost halfway into Garbage to make sure. :D

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: *smack Fruitcase pulak...

Jason: Well he's not that short. :P

C: No...

William: Well yea. Can't have him having more attention then Cherry. :P

Conan: Hahah. No I'm not in love with the hairstylist. Just envious and stalker mode on him. :P

Janvier: *smack smack

BTW, the connection is cherry. :)