Almost There But Not Quite...

It is that time again. Trip back to the Mystical Notroh Woods. It sure was fun being back in civilization and meeting up with fellow fags and non fags. Thank goodness we started the journey early and you'll see why I say so.

We left at about eleven from SS14 after a heavy late breakfast / early lunch. I was suppose to keep La Faghag company but I fell asleep (I'm such a bad co driver). I did wake up occasionally just to check on her and fell back asleep.

Everything was well until we heard a sound. It sounded like a tire burst. I told La Faghag to keep going until we reach a rest stop but the temperature gauge kept rising and immediately we stopped on the emergency lane. We saw some smoke coming out of the hood and got a little worried. Not much but still visible.

As we stopped on the emergency lane, we were hassled by a "private" company with their own tow trucks and workshop. The bugger kept telling us no one will come, not even the highway patrol and bla bla bla. Even wanted to charge us RM 150 to tow to the nearest toll exit which was about 15 km away... Trying to make a quick buck and con us. He even took back the name card that he gave us and left. The cheek this guy had...

Anyhow, highway patrol came to the rescue shortly after that incident. They were really nice and took care of everything. Towed the car to the nearest exit. Never get help from those "private" companies. Never know what they'll do to your car once it reaches their workshop just to make a quick buck.

Instead, call PLUSLINE 1 800 88 0000. They'll tow your car to the nearest exit and from there try and find your own foreman from friends. They'll know what to do. But of course, deperate times you'll need desperate measures. Just be extra careful.

PLUS tow truck.

Here we are being towed.

Once we reach the exit, we got hold of another tow truck to tow to our friend's neighbour's workshop. It was fun being towed. Kinda like a super mini roller coaster ride or a small alien mothership.

Second leg of the tow.

Didn't take that long to reach the workshop.


The foreman popped the hood and found the cause of it.

Under the hood of La Faghag's car.

It was a pipe that burst. Unknown cause. Old pipe or overheating, whichever, its busted. What an unfortunate event.

A burst pipe...

Called my roomie to fetch us from the workshop. He came, we transferred out luggages and left. Poor La Faghag is without her wheels for a few days. Repairs might just cost her an arm and a leg.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

ooooo lucky u... LOL

Jason said...

Ooo... Might be as well a luck to stranded on highway. If on normal road, where to get help from?

Queer Ranter said...

Bong: Lucky?! Are you sure...

Jason: Maybe. Dunno la. Such an unfortunate event...