Do You Jump?

Apparently Hayden Christensen does and mighty handsome while he's at it too. I never really paid much attention to him when he was in Star Wars but he's actually quite a looker. I like. And his got a nice body to boot too. Not too bulky but just nice.

My roomie and I had a queer's night out and decided to catch Jumper. Its sad that there's very limited choices of movies being screened. So Jumper had to do and I was rather keen on watching it anyways.

That's a nice tagline.

Watch it we did. Like it we did not.

The movie started off well but as a whole, it was a total bummer. It's by the same director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith (both brilliant movies) but the story was lacking a clear and defined plot and substance. It left us wondering.

What are Jumpers?

How did Jumpers came to be?

What are the Paladins?

Every explanation was too brief and I didn't feel connected with the characters or the plot.

There's one possibly positive note about this movie (besides Hayden's lovely body) is that it's very scenic. Jumpers jump anywhere they want as long as they have a visualization of it. So lots of scenic places like Rome to London to some dessert somewhere.

For me the movie was "meh". Nothing to rave about really.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

Oh... how come the others said it's nice?? :S

Apollo David said...

Not nice at ALL... Tak tau dia nak cakap ape... He's not only the Jumper in his life but also 'jump' from explain why all this happen and what will coming up next... soooooooo boring...

-C said...

Sif not watch Vantage Point. Sigourney Weaver!!!!

P.s. love the layout. So not queer tho.

Sam said...

It's okay lah. And yes, I thought there was a lot of loose plot points. Which explains why there's a Jumper 2 coming up.

I do like the scenic points though - even though it means a big budget for them to be filming all over the place.

Ah-Bong said...

i think it is nice... :P
love the way he teleported all over the place. overall it's cool... :P

FamezGAY said...

yeah I agreed with Sam.. I think they wan to have Jumper 2.. That is why they left soo many blanks there... he din even kill the bad guy!

drownedglass said... possibly positive note about this movie (besides Hayden's lovely body) is that it's very scenic...

But, aren't "Hayden's lovely body" and "very scenic" the same thing?

Ban said...

Soso lar. Plot isn't everyone's thing apparently. :p

savante said...

The friends are right. It's meant to be a trilogy in the sense of the other famous movies :) So they keep some stuff hidden til the big reveal later.

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: *shrugs I don't know. The concept is good just needs more clarity in the explainations.

Apollo: Hahahha. This bi but true also lo.

C: I don't think its out in Ipoh yet...

Sam: Jumper 2?! Quantity over quality...


Oh well. More of Hayden Christensen. :P

Bong: Pretty cool yea.

*jumps and falls flat on the ground

Famezgay: You're right! Marketing gimmick!

Drownedglass: Wakakakka. You have your ways with words don't you. Heheheh.

Ban: Yea apparently.

Savante: I love trilogies. As long as they're done properly...

Janvier said...

We were happy that they decided to focus on the storyline and kept the backstory simple. For a 1.5 hour movie, was a good thing they kept it simple as it was. Got time to explain in sequels.

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Too simple for my liking actually. :(