I Have A (few) Dream(s)

Inspired by Slender Faghag's post, I decided to rip it and write my own post about my dreams. I have several dreams in my mind (believe it or not, I'm not always clouded with salacious thoughts) and why not blog them out. Let see, I'll just type them out as they come.

A Condo Unit.
I'd like to own a place of my own. A condo unit overseeing the city. Duplex unit would be a perk but I would imagine it'll cost me more than just a pair of arms and legs... The kitchen is my favourite place of the entire house. My kitchen will be complete with all sorts of kitchen stuff and hopefully I'll have my cooking skills up to par with Nigella Lawson by then. Ah there's just so many details to sort out. I shall wait till I actually have one then I'll crack my head.

A Mini Cooper.
I love those Mini Coopers! They're small but they look so hawt and chic! It always catches my eye when a guy drives it. I'll start drooling if he's good looking and this has happened countless times. Vrooom vrooom, wanna hitch a ride?

Oooo a Mini.

Apple Machine.
I love white electronic gadgets and there's only one brand that makes a perfectly fabulous white electronic gadgets, Apple. Though the one that I want isn't white but grey from the aluminum enclosure. It is the 30" Cinema Display and Mac G5. I really love my computers. High speed, high storage capacity, brilliant display capabilities, awesome looking, big screen and wicked sound system.

Nice big screen.

Travel Round The Globe.
I have sailed the world
beheld its wonders
from the dardinells,
to the mountains of Peru,
But there's no place like London!

I love travelling. Visit new places, experience new experiences, a myriad of food, different cultures and all sorts of people. I'm also addicted to flying. I love flying. I'd rather not list down the places I want to go, there's just too many.

Meanwhile, I can't wait for my Bangkok trip with the gang!

Bangkok, here I come!

I shall stop here with my list for now. I'll probably post more when I can think of more.

Till then.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


mstpbound said...

seriously i LOVE all of those things...except the condo. and only because i've been really looking into them lately, and they don't seem very stable, price-wise. i hear that they're the first thing to depreciate during a slump in the housing market...

Jason said...

As if you're exposing all the stuff the gays love. :P

chase / chubz said...

mini coopers.. ohhh. i love those tiny things..

redgalaxoid said...

Mini Coopers are so small! Where do you expect to put all your shopping bags? Actually, I don't think you could put your brand new G5 and 30'' display and still have enough space to drive home!

Queer Ranter said...

MSTP: Is that so? But that's ok. I still like a condo/apart/studio. I don't really like houses for some reason.

Jason: Hahahha. Am I am I? :P

Chase: I know! They're so adorable right!

Redgalaxoid: You have a point there. There's always delivery boys! :P

East-West said...

I never like condos as i find them too "confined" - I prefer a house with a garden .....

When I lived overseas, I tried to avoids flats or condos but there are where there are restrictions (budget/accessibility/availability) had to make do with them. An example is Perth which is great for reasonably affordable houses with big gardens

Once in Malaysia - I can celebrate the joys of having big gardens!!

Queer Ranter said...

East: Hhahaha. Guess gardens aren't really my thing. :P

Anonymous said...

There's a dream missing: men!
Oh, and I prefer new beetles.

Paperbag Boy said...

It's called a Mac Pro.

Queer Ranter said...

King Bitch: Hahahha. Yes men/boys. :P I do like the Beetle but Mini for me.

Paperbag: Yep. Also known as Mac Pro. Gotta love that huge as screen. :P