Day 1 of Rat Year

Yey! Happy Rat Rat's Year everyone! One year zoomed by so quickly and I'm going to be 23 real soon (I see fine LINES!). Well no matter, I shall embrace it and let's see what 2008 will be like for me.

Every Lunar New Year, my family will go down to Melaka and visit my dad's relatives. I'm not really fond of them really. All those pretentious family member, dramas that could even rival Gossip Girl (imagine that...) and they give pathetic red packets. Hardly justifies the time, petrol and toll money.

But I do like my dad's sister. She's nice and very loving. Last year we went to her place and had lunch. This year we did the same too. I love this particular dish that she makes, pork with black fungus cooked in black sauce. Its delicious I tell you! She even gave me seconds when I finished a huge slab of pork (I hear my arteries clanging...).

Look at em dishes!

It was a simple lunch but it was yummy!

After that was the usual rounding of the relatives around Melaka. Just smile, wish them happy new year, speak only when spoken to and everything will be fine.

Once all that were done, we head to Capitol Satay Celup. This is a must for me. I have to have satay celup when I'm down in Melaka. Its uniquely Melaka and can only be found in Melaka.

This is the life.

We were there at 5:30 evening and already the place was packed. Then queue started to form along the side of the street. Such a road hazard. I'm surprised there's no road kill yet. But I guess its worth the risk.

So that was my Rat Rat's Year.

How was yours?

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

oooo... PORK! yummmmmmy... :P :P :P

satay celup eh? hmmm will go try next time i go. LOL

Jason said...

I want Melaka food!

Queer Ranter said...

Bong: Pork unite!

Jason: Let's go eat then! :P