Royal Selangor Tour

I found a little gem of a tourist attraction in my backyard, the Royal Selangor factory. I've always passed by the place but never went into it before until now. Every visitors will be accompanied by a guide and the one we got was really friendly.

Upon entering the place, we were brought to this mini museum about the development of the pewter business in Malaysia during the 1800s. Its quite interesting and there are lots of pretty stuff there too.

After that, it was into the heart of the factory, the assembly lines.

Entrance to the factory.

The place is quite large and we got to see them work upclose and even tried out some of the things they do there.

Checkout the inside.

The process of making pewter starts by melting it at 250 degree Celsius and pour it into a mold to get the basic shape.

Molten pewter.

Then it will be polished till the surface shines and smoothen out the sharp edges.

Polishing station.

More polishing is done with the dental-polishing-machine looking tool.

Look at the Rat rats!

Some of the pewter stuff have rows and rows of little circle dents. These were done by hammering the pewter. Takes them 6 months to train how to hammer it uniformly and evently. I can't even draw a straightline properly let alone hammering circles in a straightline.

Hammering station.

As it turned out, Selberan is a subsidiary of Royal Selangor. I love Selberan. They make really nice fine jewelry. Very pricy too. We saw a guy in there setting a small diamond onto a ring. Fascinating.

Fine jewelry, Selberan.

The tour didn't take long. Only about 20 minutes tops. After the tour, its shopping time! All the pewter stuff you can find. I don't think its any cheaper than the ones they have outside but it sure is fun to see how they made it.

Biggest ass pewter mug in the world.

-Live Long & Prosper


Sam said...

I was actually waiting for the part you'd say that there was a 20% discount.

Now, my dreams have been shattered... >.>

Jason said...

Oh, Selberan's under Royal Selangor? I hope they don't use pewter as the rin's casing, it's way too soft!

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: Wakakakak. Well I wish that too.

Sales! We love em! :P

Jason: Yea they are.

They're not that cheap la. I like one of the rings that they have for sale now. Titanium with blue band. Nice!