Nip Tucking

Ah finally its done! Stupid campus internet connection. It was transferring data on a glacial pace... Almost 12 hours or more hunting for Blogger templates and editing tedious HTML Codes. I am utterly pleased with the facelift though I am still annoyed with the internet connection...

I do hope the new template will resolve any loading issue that the previous template was causing.

The template was taken from here. I love it. Its clean, simple yet there's an air of chic in it. Colour scheme is very nice and luckily I have a photo to use for the banner that matches the green.

I'd like to thank Sam for making it. I couldn't figure out the font to use. So why not just hand it to the expert to do it eh? Splendid job with the banner Sam.

I think this template should keep me satisfied for awhile.

Now I am extremely tired and could use a good shoulder and neck massage (oh hell make it a full body massage) right about now.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Sam said...

What? No more "click here to read more"? Not that I miss it much... :P

Anyway, just ask if you need a banner anytime. I'm happy to have some work on my hands. :D

jason said...

Oh yeah.. not so cramped anymore! :P

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: Heheheh. I couldn't get it to work here but its ok. Better this way. Less things to download I guess.

Jason: Yea. Don't feel cramp no more. Its the white spaces. :P

drownedglass said...

My first thought was... am I at the right place? Haha.

From pink to this... quite a turnabout yeah, but it's a nice template, and not so many ads in the way :-)

Queer Ranter said...

Drownedglass: Hhahaha. Gave you a shock did I? I guess its me growing up in some ways. :)

The second ad is still here. Top right, just that I don't have one at the moment.