Work Work...

Managed to muster my will to put down my PSP. Patapon is just so bloody addictive. Every waking moment and every last bit of battery is spent playing Patapon. It doesn't help that I don't seem to have the drive to do work for my final semester either. I just wanna get it over and done with.

So last night after a long mano-a-mano talk with my Patapon-obsessed-thumb (yes I'm blaming it on my thumb), I put down the PSP and did my Final Year Design Project with my roomie. Its a bloody boring and annoying project. Design a freaking plant.


The amount of stress I went through last semester was enough to make my scalp fertile for more grey hair to grow. I'm still busy harvesting those grey hair.

*sob sob

Hmmm, so what am I suppose to do with the heater?

That's part of the schematic of my plant. Its no fun at all. Worst of all, we'll have to present this to panel of evaluators who are from the industry itself. My plant had a certainty of 110% that it's gonna blow up. The presentation session might just turn bloody and teary...

Hence I'm so not going to work in an engineering firm or designing plants. Its just too theoretical. I like to get my hands dirty and see things for my own eyes. Most probably I'd work in the field. Hands-on work.

I'm hoping so much to land a Field Engineer position in my dream company.

P.S: Is it just me or is Rat rat looking like a real rat day by day?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


mstpbound said...

oh my god when you said ' i want to work in the field ' for a second i thought you meant 'i wanna be a farmer.' whew! ;p

seriously, who doesn't <3 yaoi!!!

William said...

Put Rat-Rat in the washing machine, then he won't look like a real rat!

drownedglass said...

Hey at least you know how much chance it has of blowing up. That's what you get when you get your dolls to do your homework.

And yes, it IS you... that has made Rat into a rat

Queer Ranter said...

MSTP: Hahhaha. Only if the farm has hawt hawt boys. I'll churn butter anytime. :P

William: *gasp!

That's so abusing animal! :P

Drownedglass: Hahahah. Rat rat and the gang hardly did anything. Just sat there and watched...

I so didn't turn him into a real rat. I'm innocent. :P

jason said...

Aiyer.. I hate final project with all those drawings etc. :s

Ciis, tak malu lah, I never said I love you :P