Signs of Addiction

Remember how I said Patapon is highly addictive? Well I think it has gone to a whole new level of addiction. Even I got scared when I realised it. This post should serve as a Patapon addiction test. For the betterment of Patapon players.

Conversing in GMail.

What did you do to the hubby! He speaks naught but of Patapon now!

Pata-pata I didn't do anything pon.
Pata-pata He sent me weird sms last night pon.
Pata-pata Luckily I didn't wake up to it pon.
Chaka-chaka Or else I'll be screaming at him pon.

Pata-pata I saw the SMS pon.
Pata-pata He was humming it even in bed pon.
Pata-pata You should see him playing it pon.
Chaka-chaka He nods his head at every beat pon.

Pon-pon Tell me he doesn't shake his head pon.
Pon-pon That is so disturbing chaka.
Don-dondon Take it away from him don.

Pon-pon Didn't need to take away pon.
Pon-pon Because just as he was tapping the drums chaka.
Don-dondon The battery died and he started wailing don.

Rehab anyone?

I didn't think so.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


ohkulala said...

O.M.G. Patapon is not an addiction, it has consumed you!! Now that it has taken your life, prepare for doom's daaayyyy.

Hahaha... sorry la. Couldn't help bein dramatic today, been itching to unveil my Drama Queen side.

Ban said...

EEEEEEEE, you made it your blog topic! *sniff sniff*

Jason said...

Good rhymes!

Ernie said...

i feel like reading kindy rhyme songs.. hehehehe...

William said...

You want to bring me to the dark side?

Ah-Bong said...


u guys need treatment. or everything will start with pata and end with pon in the future. LMAO

Queer Ranter said...

Ohkulala: That is very de dramatic sial... :P

Ban: Hahahah. Of course it is. Muahahha.

Jason: I doubt its anything rhyme. Just random combo. :P

Ernie: I know! But the game dem cute la!

William: Soon enough. I shall keep you virgin for the moment.

Bong: Hahahahah. Pon Pon.