I Couldn't Help Myself...

Since some of the bloggers complained about my shopping saying that it so not me. So I decided to go on a last minute shopping. Though they don't involve clothes. I can't buy clothes myself. I need FaMa Foundation for that.

I bought myself a pair of CK Thong, Suntaning lotion, Durex lubricant, three packets of condoms and a wallet from Topman.

Is this even considered shopping?

I had to get the CK Thong. My fingers were itching to get it. They were still on sale anyways. So there goes RM 15. I'm still thinking of getting the hipster but its RM 40...

As for the lubricant? I just felt like getting it. Dry wanks are getting boring and I foresee many wanks coming up in my final leg of my university. Tonnes of work looming on the horizon. As they say, work hard, play hard.

I love Topman wallets. They're awesome! I love this wallet. Its slim, sleek and have a shiny cover. Lots of compartments for cards (like I have that many VIP cards to begin with) and has no coin slots, which I like.

Watson was having sale and I got my suntaning lotion there. 25% off! I like this lotion. Doesn't feel like I have something disgusting on my skin.

The three packets of condom were really an impulse buy. Its too pretty not to buy. But pretty comes with a price. It was RM 11.88. Almost RM 4 for a condom! Expensive! But its pretty...

Now this is what I call a lovebox.

Just look at it. Pretty tin can for the condoms. Its so cute cause it almost looks like a first aid kit with that 'plus' sign.

Three packets of condom in a tin can.

It comes in many designs too. Retro stripes, flower motives and lots more. Click here to check it out.

-Live Long & Prosper


FamezGAY said...

yeah topman wallet is gorgeous but huh it doesn't last long for me due to my rough use..

Anyway i din notice there's such condoms out there.. but sigh.. don really foresee to use it in anytime soon if i buy it ahah!

Ah-Bong said...

oooooo... condoms... someone's been naughty. LOL

Jason said...

So you're collecting condoms now :P