Everybody Loves Sales!

I finally went out with mom to do my shopping! Managed to buy the things that I wanted though I would like to get a few more items. Its never enough is it? Especially with the sales that's going on.

Top priority in my shopping list is a new pair of shoes, specifically any of the Adidas Superstar. I've always wanted to get one but its farking expensive. I'm really happy with this pair. Love the colours and how it's a little bling. Though there was one other pair that I love as well. Its all white but the stripes were dark blue. So nice but pity there's no size...

These shoes are made for walking...

Then I got a stripe shirt from Seed. Super hawt and fits my body just nice. Best of all, its 'S' sized! I can wear 'S' from Seed! Happy happy joy joy. Topman is having this promotion, two pairs of shirt for RM 168. I'm tempted to get them, one black with white stripes and the other white with some coloured stripes.

Stripe is the new black bitch!.

Next item on the list is a pair of shorts. I am in desperate need of another because I wear them quite often. I can't always wear my Banana Republic shorts. I want them to last. Hence, a new pair of shorts from Padini Authentics.

Oh and I can wear size 30!

Lovely shorts.

I want another pair of shorts from Seed as well. Its really nice. Its brown-ish green with stripes (yes I love my stripes).

And lastly, why not get something prosperous for the new year to wear? Got two pairs of t-shirts from Giordano. White t-shirts with some fish prints on the middle and red t-shirt with silver dragon prints on the side. I just realised the white shirt is very revealing and sheer. My tits literally stick out!

Prosperity Set?

So that's all I got from this shopping trip.

I'm still thinking of that Topman shirts and Seed sh

-Live Long & Prosper


Fable Frog said...

buy so little jer ker? hmmmm unlike you wor~ hahaha but ADIDAS are cool!!

FamezGAY said...

Buy buy buy.. buy watever u wan just like me ahaha

Ah-Bong said...

OMG! that Giordano! no wonder friend said u will be laughed at if u get Giordano in Sg. But wat the heck, we love Giordano as well...

nope, i tak beli. apparently i have too much clothes already. wukakakaka

happy CNY!

Queer Ranter said...

Fable: That pair of shoe was already half the amount I spent... I need more!

Famezgay: Hahahah. And I'll have to sell my butt to pay for it right?

Bong: I don't understand...

Happy CNY. :)

Kyle said...

The white Tee's design is super nice!!! Does it by any chance deliver to CZ? LOL

Kiong Hi Huat Zhai!

Jason said...

Eh... bought so little? Tak macam you wor :P

Queer Ranter said...

Kyle: Yea I know. I heart it!

Deliver it!? Are you nuts?!

Jason: Well shoes are expensive you know... Anyhows, more shopping tale coming up.