The Eye

I love watching movies. Movie outings are awesome with the a group of friends. Well karaokes too. Anyhow, I watched The Eye recently and despite the horrible movie reviews, I love it!

I've not watched the original so I can't make a comparison. The plot is straightforward. Blind girl had eye transplant to restore her vision and that's when all hell breaks lose. She started seeing weird and scary things.

I think Jessica Alba was pretty good in the movie. Convincing act as a blind girl and as a semi lunatic girl going around hunting for who the donor was. I love her a lot ever since Dark Angel. Not to mention she's stunning too.

The movie as a whole is bloody scary! I think I nearly broke Alex's arm on several occasions throughout the movie. Thanks for the arm Alex. I'm such a coward I know but what can I say.

Go watch it for a good scare. Well, it was for me.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

No wonder she looks familiar, she's the Dark Angel!

I didn't watch the Chinese version too but most of the plot are similar.

Janvier said...

The show was good, although we finds the English versions to be not as spooky as the originals probably (although we didn't watch the Original The Eye as well).

Quite a fair bit of scenes that we ended up laughing out loud.

Alex said...

Pay for my medication fees!