Sigh. I really don't like breakups. They're so emotionally draining and devastating to a person on so many levels. Its always a sad thing to hear it, even sadder to go through it. I wish that couples who are really in love with each other don't have to go through it but that's just false hope and naive thinking.

No its not me breaking up with McDave or vice versa. We're doing relatively well. After Valentine's Day, my love for him grew stronger and after knowing he's going through some problems at work, I'll stand by him and give my support.

But upon hearing the news of Lance and Sam, my heart broke in to pieces and the memories of the pain and suffering I went through when McDave called it off resurfaced. The worst part is, I couldn't do anything for them because I dislike meddling other people's affair. In fact, I knew this was coming several days before the actual breakup but to me it was something they have to sort themselves.

So I kept my silence.

I did my level best to give advise to Sam of the situation and talked it through with Lance but I myself am not a seasoned person when it comes to this sort of matter. I remember myself listening to people's advise but it wouldn't sink it. Not because I wasn't listening but because I couldn't accept the situation. All relationships are different anyways so there's only so much anyone else can do.

Breakup is not a good thing nor is it a bad thing either. Its just a breakup.

So Sam, give your best shot. Gambate!

-Live Long & Prosper


Sam said...

Thanks for the advice buddy. :) We're taking this timeout to work out on our flaws and good points, I know this is just going to make us stronger as a couple.

I know before, I said I wouldn't have wanted the separation - but now I realize that the separation WAS essential for us to fully understand and cherish each other. We're working on it as a team now, so thanks again for your thoughts!

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: *hugs :)

Jason said...

*pass by pass by*

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: *smack