Adopted Family

Since La Fashion Designer is leaving tomorrow for London, I slept over at his place. Spend some time with him before he flies off for another six months or so before coming back to Malaysian shores. I'm no stranger to the household. More like an adopted son come to think of it. Her mom just loves feeding me food. In the words of La Fashion Designer, "You are like the perfect son. An engineer in my father's eyes and eats my mom's cooking.".

His mom's cooking is awesome I tell you but none of her three sons appreciate it! I can't believe they'll eat something else than her cooking! I absolutely love her curry. Chicken curry. Mutton curry. Fish curry. You name it, it's delicious! Very rich and concentrated, filled with flavours of all sorts of spices.

So today she cooked fish curry with several stir fried vege and kept insisting on me to finish the food seeing that no one else eats them. Well that and the fact that she thinks I'm way too skinny. If only she knows how hard it is to be a Chinese queer. The fish curry was delicious as usual. I wish I could have packed some home.

Authentic Indian Fish Curry.

Home cook stir fried vege and butter prawns!

As if the meal didn't filled my stomach to the brim, La Fashion Designer decided to bake his famous brownies. I swear, the whole family is trying to fatten me up! Thank goodness there weren't any ice cream to go with the brownies or my calorie meter would have just exploded...

Absolutely sinful brownies.

I love staying over or having meals at his place. The food are so good, one might have thought it's gourmet food from India itself! But the best thing of all is enjoying the food while having a good chat with La Fashion Designer, his family and friends.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Darren said...

Is La Fashion Designer queer too? :P

savante said...

tapau la!

Anonymous said...

yer .. i want!

Queer Ranter said...

Darren: His my ex. That should answer it. :)

Savante: Hahahah. I was tempted too but it finished. :(

Cedricang: Hahahahha. Yummy~~~

Jason said...

Another kai mah?

[YeOp] said...

sedapnya brownies tu..