Today was suppose to be the day that DC I was suppose to come back to me on their employment decision for the interview I went two weeks ago. They have to decide by the end of this month because the position needs to be filled by 1st of July. You can imagine how nerve wrecking the wait was for me. I hate being in the dark and unknown of where I stand in a situation but it can't be helped.

So I called my future boss to be at 3 pm. I dislike calling people in the morning and hope that after lunch, they would be less likely to be grumpy. First call, no one picked up. Half an hour later, no one picked up again. Hmmm. Perhaps he's in a meeting. Wait another hour, still no one picked up. Then I decided to call his superior but the line was busy. This was already about half pass four. I called again and finally got him at five on the dot. To my horror, my future boss to be has already left the country but he has spoken to HR about the hiring.

The guy who I called told me that he'll call me back after he checked on with HR. I waited about 20 minutes and still no call. So I called back but the receptionist told me that he has left the building...


What the heck...

You have got to be kidding me. All that wait was for nothing. Only built up more stress in me. How annoying. So I'm back to square one, waiting for the call. Sigh. I'm so worked out about this, I need to de-stress.

I need to go clubbing but I can't cause I have an early start tomorrow and I'm going for Urbanscapes in KLPAC. Some sort of an art festival with loads of performances throughout the whole day.

Oh well. I shall enjoy my weekend and not think about the employment thinggie. I'll just listen to Seamus Haji remix of Touch My Body alone in my room. Maybe I'll go clubbing tomorrow night instead.

Party people hey, it's Friday night.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Darren said...

Breathe in, breathe out... try yoga.

Jason said...

I'm listening to dance tracks on early of the week and opposite by the end of the week... O.o