Goodies From Abroad

I love it when La Fashion Designer comes back from London. He always brings something back for us to try. The last time was Krispy Kreme which was divine. Makes Dunkin Donut seem like rubbish and J.Co and Big Apple is just so so... I'd kill for another Krispy Kreme.

This time he brought the most delicious and sinful cupcakes ever. This cupcake is gazillion times better than Cupcake Chic. Cupcakes from Hummingbird Cafe located on Portobello Road, London. It is called Red Velvet. Honestly, they should have called it the Red Death or something because it's just so divine!

Red Velvet with delicious cheese icing.

The icing is absolutely yummy! I've never tasted anything like this. It's sweet but not sickeningly sweet and here's the lovely part, it's cheese flavour! Never had anything like this before! Y-U-M-M-Y!

Check out the redness of it!

After I had the whole cupcake to myself, I started getting sugar rush and kept giggling like a school girl. It was embarrassing. Almost like when I'm drunk. The bimbotic drunk...

Like that wasn't fattening enough, he also brought this. Marks & Spencer Mini Bites. Just read the description! Ra-ra-ra chocolate, ra-ra-ra chocolate and in ra-ra-ra chocolate. Triple chocolate in a single tiny mini bite. This is bio hazard...

I heart Marks & Spencer products!

Just look at the chocolate coating! It's so rich just looking at it and I with that one bite, you'll know this is the real deal of fine chocolate. Delicious! The inside is just as lovely. Moist chocolate cake. Thank goodness they don't sell it here or else I'll stock up my room with this. In case of a nuclear winter you know.

Yummy Mini Bites!

I'm currently going through a phase of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. It's the scarf thing. I heart scarf! They're like the perfect accessory for any occasion! A plain t-shirt is just too plain without accessory. Throw on a scarf and it looks a ton better. Me hearts scarf.


Thanks for the goodies La Fashion Designer.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


William said...

Was half expecting Turkish Delights.

Queer Ranter said...

William: Hahahah. Well closest thing I can get my hands on to that. :P